Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thinking – “The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things . . .” (Lewis Carroll)

Walruses.  Not every day you think about walruses, but I’m doing an assignment and they are the subject.  I had no idea they are nearly 4,000 pounds or that they eat between 3,000 and 6,000 clams in a sitting.  I also didn’t know they blow the clams off the ocean floor and then suck the meat out of the shells (can you imagine a vacuum with that kind of power?).  I learned that their mustache hairs have nerves in them so they feel, and that they use their tusks as ice picks to give them leverage as they pull themselves up out of the water.  I’ve been quite fascinated studying them.  I can imagine a story of a little walrus that goes home after she’s failed in diving school, and as she walks in the kitchen there is her mother stirring a big pot of clam chowder.  (Can you tell I used to read Bread and Jam for Francis a lot?)

Collecting information for this assignment reminds me of the hippopotamus report I did back in junior high. All I can remember about that report is that a hippo head is so heavy that if he is out of the water for very long he has to rest his head on a rock. (I have no idea if that notion is really true as it’s not like you see hippo rock-pillows for sale to substantiate it.)
EurosThis American Life often keeps me company while I’m jogging/walking.  Recently, I’ve been listening to the recent podcast about the creation of the euro and how that relates to the fall of the economies in Greece, Portugal, etc.  Interesting stuff, especially if it’s true.  I like world events when they’re explained in words that I recognize. 

(I wonder if I’m becoming a cynic – what with questioning hippo and euro facts in the same blog post it’s making me wonder; for all I know maybe walruses only eat 2,000 clams a meal.  Hmmmmm..... I don’t like being skeptical.  I think I’ll just believe what I’ve been thinking about.)

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about where to hang this chicken wire frame (photographs and memorabilia attach to the wire with clothes pins). A bunch of us had a good time making these frames the other night and I had planned it for the family room, but the color is better in the dining room.

What about you?  What has been on your mind?


Cali said...

I'm thinking all that walrus and hippo trivia was fascinating... especially if it's true ;)

Jill said...

Why are you doing a report about the walrus? I'm fascinated!

I love listening to This American Life while walking!!

Julie said...

I love where your mind goes Jane! Walrus and hippo trivia...hmmmm.. I'm really interested in those cute chicken wire frames! Darling! The dining room would be perfect I think, then you could see what you have on there and it becomes dinner discussion. I've been thinking about my new mudroom sink and how to install it. It's vintage and awesome! It's consuming my thoughts. :)

michelle said...

I do enjoy getting a peek into your thoughts.

Deidra said...

Sometimes I wonder if I think much at all! I think I need more solo mindless tasks; that's when I do my best thinking. I went on a walk yesterday and Millie was asleep a few minutes into it. Mostly I just studied other houses in the neighborhood (there are only three different styles), picking out what I liked and thought made them look better.

Mike and Lisa said...

Thank you Jane! To be honest, your blog has crossed my mind as I've thought about this challenge. You take and post interesting photo's all the time on your blog! I wish I could see what photo's you would take!

Amie said...

The chicken wire frame is super cute. What a good idea!

Lucy said...

I definitely haven’t been thinking about Walruses or Hippos. Sometimes about the fall of the European economy:)

I love to think. I rate it as my favorite hobby but its so intangible I have to attach it to blogging and book reviews. What I really love is thinking with a friend. You provide my favorite activity:)