Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thinking

Some websites say we have a new thought every 12 seconds.  Others say not quite so many, still others are certain we have more.  I have no idea, but here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about:

  • Moshe Dayan and the Six Day War.  I learned so little about history in school.  It’s a shame, because I love it and have spent the last twenty years trying to catch up and wish I had those extra twelve years of learning.  (Mind you, the school made sure I knew the capitals of the states, but placing the states correctly on a map was never expected.  I remember one afternoon our teacher said we couldn’t go out early to play baseball until we had more memorizing done.  He quizzed, “What’s the capital of Connecticut?” not expecting anyone to know the answer and thus proving his point.  [Now why we needed to know the capital of Connecticut I still don’t know, but lucky for the whole class my brother was serving a mission there.] I yelled out, “Hartford!”  I was the class hero for all of five minutes while we gathered our mitts.)  However, history is vital to me now and I never cease to be amazed at my ignorance: like my foundling knowledge of something as big as the Six Day War.  It still makes headlines 45 years later and ties into American-Israeli relations today, I needed to know it.   (No worries, I know the capital of Delaware.) 
  • Rick Santorum’s 3 state sweep.  I find it intriguing whenever polls and predictions are off by a large margin.  
  • “Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy.” (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin)  I have found great happiness in my roles in life:  wife, mother, homemaker, teacher.  But while I’m actively participating in those roles (changing a diaper, mowing the lawn, preparing a lesson, ironing shirts), I don’t necessarily think, “Oh boy, this makes me so happy!”  It is the sum total of those events that brings me happiness.  Happiness is often expected to bring pleasure, and while sometimes that is the case, it is not always.  Happiness is equated to so much more than pleasure; happiness is a sum total not individual integers.

  • How cute these little tins (and the tin that held one dozen of them) are offered by Pick Your Plum.  Alas, I thought on them too long and they were sold out when I did something about it.
What have you been thinking about?


Grace said...

I like what you're thinking! I could use a refresher on my state capitals. Maybe Abe and I will quiz each other on them our next road trip. I thought all day on getting something from Pick Your Plum and by the time I decided to get it, it was gone, too! I was so frustrated!

Melinda said...

I always feel cheated in the history department also. I learned nothing in school but I really enjoy it also.

I don't know what Pick Your Plum is? I guess I will be heading to google next to find out!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I have been thinking of Kaitlynd and her birthday party. I am looking forward to it....but the act of it all is so wearing! I am sure in the end, I will be HAPPY we did it!

Casey Anderson. said...

I have been thinking of the Trail of Tears. Not sure why, but it has been an interesting topic for me. I have some books selected from the library here that I am going to read.

Alisa said...

I have been thinking about cub scouts and scouting- and schedulies for cub scout day camp and scout camp which made me think of how much fun I had doing archery with the boys, which made me think of the awesome date jay took me on to "test" out bows, which made me wonder why I have not gotten my own bow yet.

I haven't heard of pick your plum either- I will have to check it out.

michelle said...

I am surprised by how often my thoughts seem to be on a loop. I keep thinking the same things, over and over again, even when I thought I had resolved those thoughts. It's annoying.

Today I am thinking about how I can get Eva to go play at a friend's so I can get some errands done without a complaining companion (my boys are all out together). Also about how I wish that clean things could stay clean just a little longer.

Really interesting thoughts on happiness! So true.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I've been thinking about how I hate living in limbo. and Limbo is where I'm at right now. I'm a planner and it is driving me BONKERS!

Ande Payne said...

Your memory makes me laugh. You remember the BEST stories. And you're a great story teller, so it makes your memory all the better.*

*Except when it comes to football. Remember how upset Abe would get at you getting his plays wrong in e-mails? I do.