Friday, March 23, 2012

March Photo Challenge – Animal.

A picture of Abe and Dan from last week's wiener roast

Dan started out as Abe and Grace's dog.  Calvin and I had his sister Ann, but when Abe came home from Iraq they realized that taking Dan from here where he could free-roam and putting him in a little backyard on post wasn't going to be very good for him.  So they left Dan with us and we gave Ann to Trevor.  We got the dogs as watch dogs, they're black-mouth curs and very protective.  If I was famous, I'd put Dan in my secret service entourage.

When Abe and Grace came to visit last week Dan ran out to greet them.  He never barked once.  He just wagged and wagged, licked their fingers, and occasionally pawed at their pants to tell them hello.  He remembered them and stayed by their side all week.


michelle said...

He is just an adorable dog.

Love your new banner!

Lucy said...

I wish I was an animal person when I read things like this. They seem to be such animal people. And yet....they poop. And that line is drawn:)