Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Photo Challenge – Car.

Jamie, Grace, Chelsea, Amber, Kayla, Jordan, Max

Grace invited several of her friends (who, incidentally, all drove cars to get here) to make cake pops tonight.  It was a fun night.  Max came and played with the little blue car.  Can you find it in the picture?  (I always wished our family had subscribed to Highlights because it was so fun to do the seek and find pages at the dentist's office.  Did your family have a subscription?)  

Jamie, Grace, Brie, Amber, Heather

Nearly every Eastern Washingtonian has a getting-over-the-pass-to/from-Seattle-in-the-winter story.  Should you ever, ever meet Heather, you ought to ask her to tell you hers.  It rivals any I've heard. 


Melinda said...

Very creative way to use cars in your post. I actually spotted the car in the picture and totally thought of the highlights magazine especially since my kids were just looking at it at the dentist last week.

Those cake bite look amazing!! I really need to try making thm but the first thing I want to try making is the peanut butter cup cookies. Reese's are my ultimate favorite treat.

michelle said...

Did Calvin make those cake pop holders??