Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Photo Challenge – A Corner of Your Home.

From left to right:
·        The big wooden bowl on the floor holds magazines and current reading material.  It was turned (made) by our good friend Ken and given to us several years ago.
·        The garden basket was given to me by Cali.  Inside of it is the gift of a primitive stitched pillow from my sister Marcia that says:  “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” 
– Abraham Lincoln
·        The open 1828 Noah Webster was given to me by my sister Rachel.
·        On top of it is a pocket book called “Lincoln Devotionals” given to me by my niece Rachel.
·        The Emancipation Proclamation was given to me as a gift from Calvin.  He bought it while we were at West Point one year.  
Ty made the frame.
·        The blue chair is a gift from friends and family
·        The round basket of a home in the Philippines hanging above the door is a gift from Abe when he returned from his mission.
·        The secretary desk/bookcase was found at a yard sale and bought with birthday money.
·        Inside of the bookcase are antique quilts and a folded 3’ x 5’ (or so) hand crocheted American flag from my friend Eleesa.
·        The floor lamp was a gift from Abe and Ty
·        The couch is a hand-me-down from my sister Lila.  It’s hard to get rid of because it’s so comfortable.
·        The crocheted throw on the couch is a gift from my friend Mary.

And there you have it.  This corner is a gift in more ways than one.

I like lots of corners in our house:
  • the cookie jar corner in the kitchen
  • the pie safe corner in the dining room
  • all of the corners in the fort, but especially the one with scrapbook paper and twinery
  • the corner in the family room with the world wall map and globe on the antique wooden desk chair
  • the corner in the family room that is the laundry room with its white cupboards and enamelware buckets
  • the corner by the bookcase at the end of the hall that has two, little, wooden, children chairs sitting in it
but this corner of the living room is where I begin my day and, next to the supper table, we have the best conversations.  And to me, good conversations help make a great home.

What's your favorite corner in your house?


Lucy said...

By far, my favorite corner is in my living room, where the sectional sofa sits. Like you, it brings out the best conversations, the best cuddles, the best lounging and the best family time.

I love that I’ve been in your house and can picture where you’re standing!:)

Michelle said...

I love that corner too. And I love that you love all the corners in your fort. Even the one with the water heater? My favorite corner in our home is the one where the wall is built right into the cabinet, so the corner of our bedroom has one half of the cabinet door, and the corner of our living room has the other half of the door.

michelle said...

My question is, is every corner of your home so neat and tidy?? Goodness.