Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Photo Challenge – Delicious.

It really was.  I sprinkled broken sugar cone pieces on top of a bowl of rocky road ice cream.

It might taste really delicious to dip the cone pieces in chocolate first.


Deidra said...

I could go for that. I love sugar cones. And ice cream goes without saying!

Melinda said...

I really like sugar cones so I could really like this combo. We are just starting to see tillamok ice cream and I really want to try it. Most of the cheese we buy is tillamok and we love it.

michelle said...

Yum! Great idea. My favorite Tillamook flavor is chocolate peanut butter. Oh, those little slivers of peanut butter! The only problem is that the rest of my family loves it, too, so it only lasts about one night.