Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homemaking Tip – All I Got . . .

You’ve seen those T-shirts that say, “My mom and dad went to Tahiti (or Paris or the Bermuda Triangle), but all I got was this t-shirt.”

Well, I’ve had a grand several days, but I didn’t take pictures. As I was getting ready to drive home this afternoon, Cali snapped this shot . . .

And that’s all I’ve got.

But, if I’d been thinking I’d have also taken shots of:
  • All of us watching general conference on the couch last weekend. We didn’t look any different than any other family sitting on a couch watching TV, but it’s our family doing something that is important to us and I do wish we had a picture of it.  Next time. That couch has been one splendid family investment
  • Cali learning to crochet a hat from YouTube videos and, later, help from friend and neighbor Viki 
  • Ray and Calvin making a Follett Measuring Stick to record family heights 
  • Calvin and Ray in their shirts and ties ready to go to the Priesthood session of conference 
  • Ande sitting next to Cali on the couch and reading “Hey girl” jokes and the two of them laughing at themselves and each other 
  • Ray making up his own “Hey girl” jokes and teasing Ande 
  • Cali and Ande making cherry bread 
  • Lunch with Melanie. We had potato soup and scones. And herein lays a homemaking trick that I learned from Joe: Add a squeeze of lemon juice to all of your cream soups. It “freshens” the soup and really does make them taste better. Another thing that makes cream soups and milk gravies more flavorful is to use half milk (or cream) and half chicken broth. It really develops the flavor 
  • Levin walking along the fireplace and picking at the flame of the candle behind the glass fireplace door 
  • Going to Seattle to spend a few days with Ray, Cali, Levin, Joe, and Ande. Flowers and trees are in bloom and their walks smell so sweet 
  • Supper at Ande’s: butter chicken with cilantro and cashews over rice, naan with mango and mint chutneys. Ande is willing to try all kinds of different flavors and spices and I come away inspired and determined to try more recipes 
  • Watching Frozen Planet together in Seattle and still wondering if the wolf and the buffalo died 
  • Supper at Cali’s: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls (Joe and Ande picked up the chicken from a place near them. My, it is good. Ande said she has to limit herself when Joe’s traveling) 
  • Ray, Cali, Ande, Joe, Levin, and I visiting around the table after supper
  • Watching Cali play the piano. She started taking lessons several months ago
  • Levin crawling all over the house in no particular direction or with any particular cause, but just because he can 
  • Levin always looking in Ray’s direction for his dad’s reaction and affirmation
  • Shopping at Madscrappers, Ikea, and Michael’s with Ande, Cali, and Levin
  • Watching Levin crawl up all 12 or 15 basement stairs. By the time he reached the top his arms and legs were quivering, but he wouldn’t give up 
  • A little boy that was playing by the sidewalk at Joe and Ande’s. I was getting in the car when he waved his dandelion in my direction. I walked over to see him (his mother was with him) and he told me he was cooking. I had some little pastel egg cups in my hand that Ande had just given me and asked him if he needed one to help him cook his rocks and flowers. He said he liked purple 
  • Following Grace’s directions and hand-drawn pictures on how to dye Cali’s hair 
  • Seeing Ande’s new art projects. She made a dandelion that had gone to seed on canvas using string. It was very cool 
  • Seeing several projects that Cali had completed in her home. I love going to each one of our kids’ homes. Each family has a unique style and has made a wonderful home. It is very fun and fulfilling to share their homes with them 
  • Seeing Calvin when I walked in the door. He was clearly glad I was home

I'm glad that at least I got one shot to go with those memories.   


Myca said...

Man I love your sounds like you guys have so much fun together. Just the way it should be...:)

Nicole said...

That is a pretty darn "good all you got"

Jill said...

That's a darling photo of you two, I'm glad you have at least one from your amazing weekend!

We watched Frozen Planet and wondered the same thing about the wolf and the buffalo. I also wondered why the rest of the big buffalo herd didn't come to the younger one's rescue.

Anonymous said...

Man I love your sounds like you guys have so much fun together. Just the way it should be...:) Myca

Ande said...

I think you got all the best moments in there!

I think the little boy needing the purple egg cup is so funny. You're such a good neighbor.

I'm so glad you came to visit us. I sure love you.

Deidra said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Levin is a lucky boy to get so much Grandma time.

Kathy said...


Melinda said...

It sounds like a heavenly trip.

I'm going to remember the lemon and chicken stock tricks.

We want to watch the frozen planet show.

michelle said...

That's a lot of great memories!

I want to make that Indian food. Ande was kind enough to send me links to the recipes!