Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 pictures on the 12th of May of 2012

We spent the 12th in Seattle.  Ray and Cali have a great little bakery nearby.
My niece Maddie, Levin, and I walked to it and picked out everyone's breakfast.
photo by Maddie

Ray and Calvin planted fence posts and raspberries
photo by Maddie

The Follett family at Family Temple Day
photo by Maddie

Levin and his just-the-right-size imaginary friend
photo by Joe

All of Seattle was in bloom and the temple grounds were beautiful.
photo by Maddie

Maddie, Levin, and I waited outside on the temple grounds while Calvin, Ray,
Cali, Joe, and Ande were doing temple work inside.
photo by Maddie

After going to the temple we went to Five Guys and Fries.
(Our potatoes were from Sugar City, Idaho in case you wondered.)
Maddie has come from Oklahoma to help cousin/nephew Ivin and his family with their triplets,
 but we took her with us over the weekend.
photo by Maddie's camera

While Cali, Calvin, and Ray were planting raspberries and Joe was watching a soccer game, Ande, Maddie, and
I went to the Asian market.  Their vegetables were so beautiful and fresh . . . and cheap.
photo by Maddie

Ande and Joe made us pho for supper.  Ande is an incredible cook and knows how to use all the spices in a spice rack.
photo by Maddie

Meanwhile, across the country in the other Washington, Ty, Michelle, and Afton also went to the temple
 because it was Family Temple Day.  Afton didn't get to go into the temple with us, but she did touch it.
(We took turns going in / watching her).

 Is Afton too young for shoulder rides?  Michelle would say, "Definitely."
 Ty would say, "Ummm.... maybe. If Michelle says so. After I try it once anyways."

Ty and Michelle went on a date and left Afton with a babysitter for an hour.
 V Date = Vegetables (salads) and Vanilla milkshakes.

Yes, you're right, there are no photos of Abe and Grace.  They forgot to take pictures and since Abe says it's like Groundhog's Day every day in Afghanistan I suggested they send in pictures of the 13th, but Grace said that wouldn't be right and they'd better wait until next month.    


Jill said...

Your family is always up to something interesting. I love all the togetherness and I can't believe how big Levin is getting, what a doll!

Melinda said...

I love, love, love that you do family temple day!! I actually tried to start this with my family but it wasn't warmly received.

Deidra said...

It took me a while to scroll past the first picture. Those pastries look so good!

Going to help with triplets sounds so very Anne of Green Gables. Hope it's a good experience! :)

Haley Krumblis said...

I have been waiting for this for FIVE LONG DAYS!!! So glad it's here. Loved all the pictures, but think that Grace still needs to send one in:) Looks like everyone had a great time! Maddie I can't wait to see your blog and other pictures that you took! I love Levin's friend and Afton screaming on Ty's shoulders. Too fun.

Darla said...

Janey Payney... I've missed you... I told Heather you must be on another venture... Your blog is just what I need everyday in my crazy world...

Love you!!!

Becky said...

So happy to see pictures and a post! Your grandchildren are darling :)

Grandma & Grandpa said...

What great pictures you always share! A family temple day would be wonderful. You're always doing things together. That's just the way it should be.

We're enjoying our time in Palmyra. We feel very blessed to be serving here in this beautiful historic place.

Sending our love, Loye & Vaughn

michelle said...

How great that you had Maddie around to document! Reading about your activities always makes me feel like I need to organize more family togetherness.

melanie said...

Levin and his friend, so cute.

Triplets? Speechless.

Another great 12th.