Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homemaking Tip - Pack Enough for Three

We flew into Baltimore yesterday after a plane change in Minneapolis.

I sat next to one harried woman.  She was moving cross country with her daughter and had paid an unexpected $400 in luggage charges at the ticket counter that morning.  After we had pulled away from the gate, the captain came over the intercom and said, "Ladies and gentlemen we are going back.  Someone forgot their wallet at the counter."

The woman next to me groaned and said, "I know it's me."  We both looked down at the pile of assorted toiletries that had been dumped in a large plastic bag at her feet (to save another $50 in fees) and she started to paw through them.  She gave up, "I don't know where my wallet is.  I'm sure it's me that left it though, who else?  It's got to be."

She looked at me and said, "Would you please pretend you're Patricia V_____ and claim the wallet?  I'm so embarrassed."

I laughed and agreed though I hardly looked like a Patricia V.

Five minutes later the stewardess came over the intercom and said, "Would Patricia V______ please turn on the stewardess light so we can return her wallet to her."  

I reached up and turned on my stewardess light and the stewardess made her way down the full flight until she finally reached our aisle (because nine times out of ten when we fly we're at the very back of the plane and this trip was one of the nine).  As I took the wallet, the passengers began to clap.

The real Patricia V., a lawyer, whose son attends Princeton and whose daughter attends the same private school as the Obama children, ducked.   

Patricia V. and I had a wonderful two and a half hour conversation (evidently swapping names builds instant camaraderie), while Calvin quietly read his book on the Comanche Indians.

My tip of the day?  Pack your own lunch when you fly and pack enough for three while you're at it.  That complimentary bag of pretzels is not enough to sustain you on a long flight, let alone share.  And while Patricia declined a torn half of our peanut butter sandwiches and all of the carrot and celery sticks, she gladly ate her share of the mini-snickers and almonds.      


melanie said...

You definitely don't look like a Patricia V but I'm sure glad you acted like her for the sake of this post. It made me laugh and laugh right down to the Snickers and almonds. I might need a quick reread in case I missed something.

Hope you are sniffing that baby.

Gwen said...

This story reminds me of the time when I was an young teenage girl and SO EMBARRASSED and worried to have to get up and give a closing prayer at the STAKE fireside ( does amaze me now at what teenage girls worry themselves over)and my wonderful Stake YW president offered to say it for me. You didn't end up having to, but you still offered. I've always appreciated that and I'm sure Patricia V. was very thankful for your compassion too!

Melinda said...

That was so nice of you! That poor lady who had to pay so much for the luggage.

About 2 weeks ago Jason went on a trip and as he was supposed to be taking off he called me. He was headed home. He forgot his wallet in his pants he wore the day before. I sure wish they would have held the plane for him because we got to spend the 180$ in ticket changes for his to get the next flight 4 hours later.

michelle said...

Adventure seems to follow you wherever you go!

I love your compassion. Even small things like saving Patricia V a little embarrassment and sharing Snickers and almonds can really impact people!

Deidra said...

What a memorable flight. I'm finding that more and more often flights are all on big blurred together time in a little seat. It's always good to have something stand out (and not like sitting on the runway for hours or getting delayed).

I know that I've been so grateful for good seatmates lately and their patience, compassion and willingness to help with Millie. I'm sure Patricia was likewise so grateful!

Jill said...

Oh how crazy, Patricia V is so lucky she ended up sitting next to you!!