Friday, June 8, 2012

Life in Our World -- An Ordinary Week

A good, ordinary week . . .
  • The black pig is sick.
Because we no longer have little kids, these pigs don't have names.  I guess we should remedy that.
Do you have suggestions to throw in the trough pot?

North - South - East -West
Death - War- Pestilence - Famine
Matthew - Mark - Luke - John
Earth- Fire - Wind - Water
Up - Down - Inside - Outside

There is nothing quite like a pig’s squeal when you give him a shot; it’s a mix of styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam, fingernails on a blackboard, and a new baby's cry.
  • I donated blood.

It was a three hour commitment (ugga, ugga) and was the one time I didn’t take a book just in case. No worries, no one else had a book either so we all caught up on the neighborhood: J. had a congenial breakup with his girlfriend, Thane has set a date, April sat with Mary during Lyle’s surgery, Katelyn’s rent is going up, Jessica has already donated nearly two gallons of blood, Tiffany had never given blood before, my phone ring reminds Dan of the movie Signs, Marshall is working with Carlos, Duane guided Shawn to the trophy elk last fall . . . and then there is always apple juice at the end. 
  • Michelle texts us a picture of Afton each day. 

I listen for the chime all day saying it’s here. It’s such a great tradition she's started. This is the picture she sent today.
  • It thundered and hailed last night.

We don’t get thunderstorms often, so Calvin and I just sat and watched it. We supposed our garden would be pummeled this morning but thankfully it wasn’t. Whew, I hate replanting late.
  • Calvin planned this week’s date. 
He's always a good sport as blog fodder.
No, no, that would not be condensation around the crust, that would be grease. 

He said that since the Belmont Stakes is tomorrow we should watch Secretariat and eat pizza. Yes. And he doesn't bring the cheap, low fat pizza home like I do when I'm in charge.  Double yes.


Tiffany Fackrell said...

i guess if you are going to eat chico's pizza the best way would eat it at home...then there is no chase home to run to the bathroom!!! HHAHA at least when you are in my family that is how it works! also we use to take bets on how many napkins we would use to sop up the grease on the top! it is yummy pizza but we finally determined our guts weren't strong enough for the stuff! HA

Jill said...

Whoa 3 hours to give blood and without a book! That could have been awful but it sounds like you made it fun.

I like Calvin's way of getting pizza!

Sending a baby picture everyday is a great idea.

Deanna/Mimi said...

I love, love, love your writings. Now Jane the world is missing out on your way of putting down words:
1. They are missing your sense of humor.
2. They are missing how you can find something in every everything that comes your way.
3. They are missing how you can "lift" a soul; how you can make them laugh; how they can feel loved; how they too want to go forth and find the good in everything.
You are one funny lady. Not only funny, but spiritual, kind, wise, etc.
Have you ever thought about taking Erma Brombeck's place??? You should you are 100 times better and I sure would love to read your books that have you as the author. Give it some thought....I am serious!! Love you, Deanna

Melinda said...

I haven't given blood in so long! I need to, I have the rarest type.

I hope your pig is getting better. I don't know if I have ever heard a pig squeal in real life.

I like your date night although I'm not loving pizza like I used to but don't mind it once in a while.

Sending a picture every day is such a great idea! My sil sends me little videos of my nephew and I love it.

Brenda Goodrich said...

Hochstatters and hawaiian---the only way to go. Mmmmm.

hennchix said...

Hmmm....... Pig names? How abOut chops, ribs, roast, and ham? Or dinner, breakfast ,lunch, and barbecue?

Chico's pizza- yummy deliciousness followed be the worst indigestion on the planet. But definitely worth it.