Sunday, July 29, 2012

52 Blessings - You Can Pick

Oh gee. This video represents so many blessings. You pick:


He is one incredible blessing, he is as Calvin calls him, "Abe the Great."

cameras and voice recordings

I have watched this video again and again so that I can hear Abe's voice and see his face. Just hearing his tone and dialogue reminds me of him in other places and other situations, besides helping me to see where he is now.  Enhancing our memories is one of the blessings of cameras and recordings.


I am blessed to live in a country where so many are willing to volunteer to preserve her freedoms and keep her people safe. Sometimes soldiers are like air, or family, or sunshine, or any of those other things that we take for granted because they quietly do what they need to do and make our life easier so that we can dwell on trivial things like what shall we eat, or what shall we wear, or shall we watch the Olympics or not this week.


One man helping another man, one family helping another family, and one country helping another country are all examples of service.  Serving others, I have discovered, is where the blessings of life are found.


Jill said...

Oh Jane, you must be so proud! What a blessing to be able to see and hear him in action like this. I would be so honored if my parents referred to me as "Jill the great"!

Deidra said...


We spent the weekend with our AF friends. We talked a bit about his most recent deployment, and it just made me more and more grateful for his (and her) sacrifices for our country. And for everyone who makes huge sacrifices to serve and support.

Melinda said...

This is so amazing! What a very proud moment for you.

Blake really wants to go into thr army and it scares me so much. it doesn't tie in with my controlling ways.

I totally agree with service. We need to do it so much more.

Lucy said...

Love this. I agree about the incredible emotional quality of video and am sad that I don't take more of it.

What a blessing to have soldiers like Abe defending our country.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing this. Glenn can not say enough good about the awesome food at camp, how well planned and organized it was; and lest we forget, how very very good it was!

michelle said...

Beautiful. How wonderful for you to be able to see and hear him!