Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

One of the things I admire most about our Founding Fathers is their willingness to stand out and stand alone. It would have been a scary thing to put your name (and consequently your family's as well), fortune, and life on the line for a cause that was largely unpopular. It's thought that only about 5% of the six million people who lived in the United States during 1776 were willing to carry out a revolutionary break from England, while another 5% were very much against a revolution and allied closely to the British. The rest of the population were largely preoccupied with their own lives and earning a living and apathetic. (I wonder, are we so different today?) It's amazing to me that 5% had enough "fire for the deed" to push through for the rest of us.

One of my favorite activities at patriotic events is when the Armed Forces Medley is played and servicemen/women and veterans are asked to stand and clap to the beat while their military branch's song is played. I've seen Abe and Calvin stand together clapping to the beat of The Army Goes Rolling Along. I've seen Ty stand and clap to The Wild Blue Yonder. I've watched seamen in the crowd stand and clap to Anchors Aweigh. With the beat of a drum, unity and purpose fills a room. It's really quite moving.

Here's to freedom. And drums. And clapping. And standing up for a good cause.

The Army Goes Rolling Along - Anchors Aweigh - "The Toast" (Air Force)
The U.S. Air Force - The Marine Corp Hymn


Melinda said...

Hope your having a great 4th!

Grace said...

I loved this! I love watching all the service men and women stand up during the armed forces medley. I'm with you, I like to celebrate the 4th of July every day. I love being a military wife, and couldn't be prouder of Abe's willingness to serve and to live in a free country. Hope you enjoy your day!

I love you :)

michelle said...

Hooray for standing up for a good cause!