Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life in Our World - "Get the Work Done Day" Saturday

1.  We had a family temple day this week (some went last Saturday, some went this Saturday).  Calvin and I went to an early morning session.  I really appreciate the opportunity to go to the temple, while it is seldom convenient I always leave in better shape than I entered.  After the session we went to a breakfast buffet (ice cream is just as good for breakfast as it is for dinner) and then made a quick stop at the sports and craft warehouses before coming home.  We got home just before noon.

2.  We harvested the garden and then Calvin rototilled it this afternoon.  This is the first time we've ever tilled it under while it was still producing.  However, with the heavy smoke in the air from the nearby forest fires and the cooling temperatures, it isn't producing much so we picked it clean.  It feels good to already have it ready to go next spring and we've got a big box of chili peppers to take to church to give away tomorrow.

3.  We have a mushroom plant in the yard that looks like the Epcot center.

4.  Recently while visiting my sister's family we went through some old out-buildings on property they purchased.  Among other things, I brought home two old doors and two old tables.  I asked Calvin to hang one of the doors on the wall in the family room over one of the old tables.  He thinks they are bug ugly.  I like them.  I'll hang family pictures printed on canvas on the door, or paint the panels in chalkboard paint and put old doorknobs at the bottom of each panel for a hook.  Either way, I think the door has great potential.

5.  Tonight was the General Relief Society meeting.  I very much enjoyed the words taught and the things felt.

6.  A month or two ago I admitted in my prayers that the scriptures seemed boring -- knowing full well that the problem is with the bored not the boring.  Since then I began reading them on-line where it is much easier to cross-reference (I often get sidetracked flipping pages from one reference to another when reading them in book form), and where I can type comprehensive journal notes in the margins.  It has made all the difference.  Once again the scriptures have come alive and I'm back to knowing they are exciting to read.  Whew.  That was a close one.


Michelle said...

1. I blew it. But I was sick. But I blew it last week too because I was late. 
2. I still can't believe there are forest fires that close to Seattle.
3. That is THE coolest mushroom I have ever seen. There has to be some sort of way to preserve that and have it put on display. Like a taxidermy for plants.
4. I can’t wait to see the completed door project.
5. I LOVED the meeting last night. So good. Before I left home, Ty said, “Enjoy the meeting! Come home feeling better about yourself!” I certainly did. But I learned a lot of things I need to do better too.
6. I’ve been digging in my heels against anything electronic coming near my paper and ink scriptures. You’ve piqued my interest though, and I may have to cave a little bit now and test this idea out a bit.
7. I love you. You're wonderful.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...


1. You go to the temple nearly every week without there being a family temple day, you hardly blew it!

2. I know. Crazy, isn't it? Some they said they'll have to just wait until the snow flies.

3. I'm glad you liked that mushroom, too. It's pretty darn funny, huh?

4. Thanks for believing in the door!

5. I'm so glad you loved it, too.

6. I enjoyed hearing about what you're doing with your scripture reading this year. I came away more determined to learn more. Thanks for your example.

7. Ditto. I think you're incredible and I love you.

8. Afton is so darling. I love the daily texts so much. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jane I love the door. I vote for Pictures of course.

melanie said...

Pictures on the door for sure. I love old windows and doors.

The meeting was so good. I needed every bit of it. I also need to watch it again for I remember my feelings more than the words. I want to remember the words too.

Epcot center indeed.

michelle said...

That mushroom is incredible! Never seen anything like it. Except Epcot Center, of course.

I loved the broadcast. It chased my gloom away for a time. I'd better revisit it soon!