Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twelve on Twelve of September of 'Twelve

Afton - better at finding her ear with the bottle than her mouth.

Ty - Just another day at home for me.

Michelle - most productive thing I did.

Joe - return of fancy pants from the groomer.

Ande - This is no Charlotte.

Abe - A SGT from my team re-enlisting for three more years of service.

Grace - Enjoying my time with Mike, Celeste (my sister), and Carson in San Diego.  Awaiting baby
Savannah's arrival, which will be any day now.

Levin - playing with the wooden tractor our neighbor Dorothy gave him.

Ray and Cali - our redecorated mantle 

Jane - Took supper to our neighbors.  Sometimes it's pretty, sometimes it's not.  Tonight it was.

Calvin - watching the news


Melinda said...

That is one impressive wooden tractor!
The mantel is super cute. Love the chalk board and banner.

Your paper pumpkins turned out super cute. I love the embossed bags.

Peggy Dee said...

Love your blog Jane. You always have the most interesting photographs. I love it! I always enjoy visiting with you but hardly get to do it. Hope our paths cross soon!

michelle said...

I had to laugh about the non-Charlotte spider!

I love the combination of photos from everyone. Wonder if my kids would do that someday?

Danielle said...

Oh, I think I needed to stalk your blog tonight. I needed that plaque about patience. So perfect. Will be writing it down and taking it with me tomorrow as I pray for patience!!

Ande said...

I think the milk in Afton's ear was my favorite. My least favorite was that there was no picture from Abe.