Friday, October 5, 2012

October Photo Challenge - Shadow

Today's photo-a-day subject was shadows. While the photo I took was of Dan's shadow, the writing is about the shadows of Fall that are part of life in our world this week:

  • Made a pumpkin pie dessert today
  • Made popcorn balls two days ago
  • Frost on the windshield this morning
  • Leaves on the vine at the pump-house are deep red
  • The canal water was turned off for a couple of days 
  • Prepping for conference weekend
  • The secretary brought her candy bowl with a fake hand sticking up out of it that yells at you when you take a piece of candy
  • Cooked winter squash
  • Been eating crisp apples and dried apricots
  • All the chickens are laying.  About 18 eggs a day. Aye yi yi 
  • Planning craft projects and can't wait to get to them
  • The flies that are left are hardy, quick, and keep dive bombing your face
  • Wearing my red cardigan in the car to work to keep warm whether it matches or not 
  • Thought of buying a Fall scented candle
  • Bags of every kind of candy are on the store shelf - even little Mr. Goodbars and Big Hunks
  • Been thinking about Christmas shopping
  • Storing food for the next year (my ancestors must have had one strong preservation gene in them because that desire to store nuts is so present)
  • Calvin has the hunting bug bad (evidently killing a tame pig isn't the same)
  • The grapes in the yard are sweet and the juice grapes down the road are nearly ready
  • The grass is too long
  • The furnace is running


Jill said...

Our thermostat said 64 degrees this morning! I may have to turn on the heat soon, but am not ready to surrender to the cold.

I bought 3 Cinderella pumpkins to stack on top of each other like a topiary, that's my nod to fall so far.

Kim Sue said...

We are having beautiful weather. A cold front is coming through tonight and in the morning it will be about 52! But it will warm up around 70. Beautiful sunshine.

Deidra said...

We're deep into a rainy, cool fall here. It's been so nice. Last night was the first firm suggestion of COLD, and I'm not so sure I'm ready for that. But better than HOT!

I've started a bit of Christmas shopping, too. Since we're not going home this year, we're actually doing presents. It seems I've sort of forgotten how to do it.

michelle said...

What a great list! I made applesauce for the first time, and loved it. A neighbor gave me a big bag of apples.

I finally succumbed to the furnace this mornin. And a cup of Bengal Spice tea.

Ande said...

If I knew your name and address I'd send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

Also, popcorn balls sound so good.

Becky said...

This list makes me so happy! :)