Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Wanted to Share Something Inspiring


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I thought this woman's story was amazing on so many accounts. I love the enthusiasm and warmth in her tone and eyes. I love that she saw something bigger in life and reached for it. I love that she has so much to give and she gives it. I love the contented feeling that emanates from her. She came from a world that focuses so much on what the eyes see and she left it for what the heart sees. I love that she loves Mother Teresa. I love her example.

Any doubt that I loved this?!

Heather Williams said...

Wow! Large lump in my throat there! It's amazing how one person can give up so much because of their desire to be better. What a woman! Seeing that footage really humbles us doesn't it. Thanks for sharing that!

Deidra said...

Another friend shared this earlier today. I was humbled when she said she sold her home in order to give more. Sometimes I think I can't give more, but there are a lot of sacrifices I could make to in order to serve. Most of the time it comes down to me not wanting to sacrifice. It was a good reminder of that.