Monday, October 8, 2012

October Photo Challenge - Angle

I still remember misspelling 'baby' on a spelling test.  My mom had hosted a baby shower the night before the test and I had carried gifts for the new mother to open.  There in plain sight was a card that said, "For babby" on one of the gifts.  I remember thinking, "I thought it only had one 'b' in the middle.  Well that's good to know there can be two."  The next day when my teacher called out 'baby' I added that extra 'b' just in case.   

Obviously I didn't need it.

I used to struggle with angel and angle, too.  Which one needs 'el' and which one needs 'le'?  It's not like spell-check can help you out either.  But this post needs both - angels and angles.  

Ty drives two seminary students to early morning seminary three days a week.  The boys would not be able to attend without help, so Ty and Michelle organized rides for them.  They drive them three days and two other couples each take a day.  Angels.  All six of them who donate time, energy, and means at 6:00 am so that two boys can have an opportunity to strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ.

Early Monday morning after Ty had picked up both boys and was delivering them to the church, a gold car came in at a right angle and crashed into them.  The driver limped on through the intersection and pulled into a nearby parking lot before fleeing the scene.  A van that was near them, and barely missed being hit, kept on driving.

Shortly after the accident and while Ty was waiting for help, he sent the family an e-mail saying, "Bianca has had a rough morning."  

I called Ty, and after finding out they were all okay, asked him where the two boys were.  He said, "I called someone and they came and picked them up; they should be at the church in class by now."  For as little interruption as it caused in the two boys' morning they might just as well have run out of gas as get hit by another car.  There was little drama to their story.  

The story could have ended so differently and I'm so grateful it didn't.  I like to think the angels were covering the angles.  And that is a story worth remembering.

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michelle said...

That's the kind of thing that gets your heart pumping for a good long time! Glad it wasn't worse.

Taking the boys to seminary is a wonderful labor of love. You certainly raised them right.