Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Photo Challenge - Calm

There were several calming things on this Sunday:
  • the branch president gave me a blessing as he set me apart for a calling today
  • our home teachers dropped by to check on us and brought a sack of Oreo's
  • Calvin cooked supper (and didn't make a mess)
  • ate homemade toast and hot chocolate for breakfast then took a nap before church
  • read the scriptures and learned good things in church
  • visited with friends and talked to family on the phone
  • had ice cream with home made hot fudge tonight
One other very calming thing was making the weekly stop at the cemetery.  Focusing on the big picture, even for a few moments, has a very soothing effect on the soul.  

What did calm look like for you today?


melanie said...

Yesterday Owen fell asleep while I rocked him in the mother's room. He never falls asleep at church. I love the calm feeling of rocking a sleeping baby.

Calm today~ Owen is napping (he's not feeling so hot), Reed is at a friend's house and I'm about to rest my eyes. If only soup were already in the crock pot. Dinner already done, now that would be extra calming.

Becky said...

That picture makes my mother-heart ache but it is a sweet thing too knowing that the Atonement makes reuniting a reality.

Calm today--stopping the housecleaning to play with beads at the table with my 3 year old this morning. Kids are so good at making time for relationships....