Friday, October 12, 2012

Twelve (or Fourteen) on Twelve of Ten/Twelve

Thanks family.  You guys are great sports to do this each month and I appreciate it.

Happy Columbus Day to everyone.  

Calvin - lunch date
chili rellenos 

Jane - lunch date with Calvin.  This picture reminds me of that jingle
"Jane, Jane [or whatever your name is]
strong and able,
get your elbows
off the table."

Joe - a taco truck that is literally inside a truck-bus thing

Ande - There's not much that I love more than tacos and apple soda

Follett Family - Levin on a business trip

Follett Family - Slide Shot

Follett Family - Slide splits

Follett Family - Little boy on a big boy slide

Abe - working on the Combat Outpost's new gym

Abe - the finished product

Grace - Ty jinxed me

Afton - She is figuring out how to put one foot in front of the other and "walk."
This week she measured in the 86th percentile for height as you might be able
to tell by her shirt, which she probably wore for the last time today.

Ty - helping Afton make brownies

Michelle - I had to plan a group date for my Group Dynamics class.  We just had some couples over to play
games after we put Afton to bed.  Though a school assignment, we had a lot of fun!
(And we only told our closest friends in the group that it was for school.)


abe said...

Ugh...someone always posts pictures of great food and torments me!

melanie said...

I feel bad for Abe. That melted cheese does look pretty good along with Ande's tacos. Oh and the chips and salsa.

Still impressed you are getting so much cooperation. All great photos.

Ande said...

1. Levin's giant belly is pretty cute. As is his face going down the big boy slide.

2. I am pretty impressed with Abe's gym.

3. Afton looks so cute making brownies.

4. Where's Grace?

Ande said...

Oh wait! I found Grace! God bless Grace!