Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 - 12 - 11 - Give or Take a Few Days

Abe - Eating dinner with some of our AUP counterparts.  The guy I mentor is on the right.
He was just released from the hospital yesterday after being shot in a fight with the Taliban.

Grace - Heater broke last night and woke up this morning to 59 degrees!

Afton - Can you spot the baby? (Ty and Michelle help a couple out by babysitting once a week for them. The couple came home from vacation to FLEAS. While Michelle babysat, Ty went to help the couple. Guess who got fleas a few days later? Ty called in despair saying, "THIRTY loads of laundry. We'll never get through it all. It will take us forever to get everything washed."

Michelle - flea bites (more than yesterday)

Ty - Ready for round two on the flea extermination.

Afton participated in a research study at UMD

Ande - visiting family in the Carolinas

Joe - sushi with family

Calvin - building a manger for the calves.
(I find his get-up funny . . .
knee-pads, apron, headlamp)

 They finally ate out of it.

Levin - Cali and Levin are here visiting and I took him on a walk in the wagon.
He liked looking down into the ditches and saying, "Ooooohhhhhhhhhh."   

Cali - We skyped Abe tonight and Levin tried to feed him m&m's


Ty said...

I loved this Mom! Thanks for doing it. It was fun to see everybody's pictures.

Michelle said...

I always love these. Thanks! And for the record, that picture of my feet does not do it justice. I didn't look at it before I sent it. I promise there are at least 30!

Deidra said...

Fleas! Yipes! That would be terrible. Hope they get them under control soon.

I like your parentheses comments. Calvin's get-up is pretty entertaining. Looks like something my dad would wear.

Ande said...

I love these posts. I look forward to them all month long.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful family!

Melinda said...

Oh man, flees! Yuck, poor guys. Hope they are gone.