Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life in Our World - Normal

The other day Calvin said, “Whoa, you've got to take Dan jogging again. He’s getting fat.” After we butchered the pigs a few months ago Dan stockpiled lard in lots of hiding places and it’s kept him fleshy all fall. For two years we've worried because he was so skinny, but the last several months I've been exercising in the morning with Calvin rather than jogging with Dan in the afternoons. Who knew my jogging pace could keep a dog so thin. Hardly seems fair. (Truth be told he probably runs four times as far and fast as I do chasing the birds and airplanes in the sky.) All this to say Dan and I have jogged again this week and it’s felt good to both of us to do the old normal routine.

In other normal news:

  • we've had snow in measurable amounts.  There is a giant snowball in the pasture (like big enough for a snowman's bottom).  I don't know who put it there.  Do steers roll snowballs?  You would think I would know about that before now if they do.

  • the calves are growing bigger.  It'll be time to butcher them in a few more months.

  • I filled the chicken boxes with fresh wood shavings 
  • I ironed and watched three episodes of Andy Griffith while I did it. I wonder if Opie’s real mother watches reruns like old family movies just to remember what a cute little boy he was. 
  • I have finally mastered homemade pizza – now that there are no longer kids to eat it and want it. It’s all about making the dough several hours early and heating the stone before baking it. 

  • I volunteered to do some learning activities for a group of youth who were spending the day reading the Book of Mormon. 

  • We went to wedding receptions this week.

Life is good. I like normal very much.

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Grace said...

I love normal, too! Was it nice to take a break from running? I'm sure it was! I'm sure it felt good to start back up, too. I'm so glad you guys have such a good dog. I'm glad he's fattened up a little, too. :)