Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - The Name Game


I pinned this last night and used it in class today.  It was great.  

In Hebrews 11,  Paul teaches about faith.  He recounts faithful examples of many Old Testament characters to do so.  I used the names of those people Paul refers to as well as students' names, and a few fun names that were suggested in the instructions (click on link for instructions).  I have nearly 30 students, too large for a circle, so we alternated seats and the students came to the front of the room to participate.  We followed the instructions as written, but after round 2 spent some time studying before coming back to play the final round.  It was really fun.  And . . . the teams tied!  It was time to go (they played down to the last second) so we'll have a tie-breaker first thing tomorrow.

I'll definitely use this game again as it easily involves the whole class and can be an effective method for teaching content as well.


Melinda said...

This does sounds fun. So do you teach seminary?

School play grounds are so different. In our last school they took away the balls for them to play four square and hand ball with. They actually told us they were a risk for breaking the school windows. I asked, Aren't the windows like 6 inches thick? Good heavens, that made no sense.

I didn't know you had a shooting. It is horrible and such a sad reality.

Lucy said...

Fun! Definitely something I want to play.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your class very much. You're a great teacher and certainly "know your subject." All the background information that helps so much in understand just seems to flow from you with no effort. You used some great idea for involving us!
(even if I felt pretty awkward up there!) You're amazing! Loye & Vaughn

Jill said...

I wish I could come to your class!