Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life in Our World - Better Than I Expected

1.  A visit from Ande.

duck and rissoto

Calvin and Ande

The week before last Ande came to stay while Joe was away on business.  She had promised to fix Calvin duck and cooked it while she was here.  It was so very good.

I had had duck once or twice growing up (some my brothers had shot that Mom baked), but it was nothing like this.  This was delicate and tender.  The layer of fat on the top is like frosting - smooth and rich.  The risotto was also very good.  They were both so much better than I expected.

2.  A visit to Seattle.

Allison, Cali, and Courtney threw a baby shower for Ande 

Cali (5 months along) and Ande (7 1/2 months along)

Last weekend Calvin and I spent the day in Seattle so that I could go to a baby shower for Ande.  It was such a great day and it was fun to be with the girls as they interacted with their friends.  Everyone was so generous and thoughtful.  It was even better than I ever guessed it would be.

3.  A YW Activity

Friday and Saturday we had a YW activity at our YW president's home.  On Friday the girls played in their 11-man hot tub and then on Saturday we spent the day fixing a meal for and cleaning a woman's home that needed some help.  The girls worked hard and steady and were able to get their 10 hour Good Works value project completed by the end of the day.  It felt very good and beat all my expectations.

4.  A funny video. 

I have watched and re-watched this Afton is Indestructible video this week.  Her last hulk-flex is my favorite.  She's a funny and great one, but what else could I expect, she's got great and funny parents.


melanie said...

I've never tried duck, you make it sound width trying.

You have beautiful daughters, what a fun shower for Ande.

Your activity is inspiring. It feels good to make a difference.

Afton is a doll.

Ande said...

Oh thank you Mom! I'm glad I got to come and that you liked my duck. I'm also sooooooo glad you came to Seattle. That was a fun day.