Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Homemaking Tip - Shhh, Be Still

A couple of weeks ago while Cali and Levin were visiting, Cali gave Levin a haircut.  When she pulled out the little chair and sat him in front of a cartoon with a sucker to keep him still while she cut, it brought back many memories of cutting our kids' hair.  

Ande's head was very tender when she was small.  She had a lot of natural curl too, so her hair was full of tangles every morning.  To keep her still and from crying while I brushed her hair, I told her stories about Mr. and Mrs. Rat and Mr. and Mrs. Snarl and their adventures in her hair while she slept.     

What tricks did/do you use while you cut/comb kids' hair?


Jill said...

That's such a cute picture and memory.

melanie said...

A Dum Dum is a must! Then work as fast as you can, kids do not like itchy necks.

Rat and Snarl, so cute.

Ande said...

I loved Mr Rat and Mr Snarl. I had no idea you made those up to distract me. My goodness you are a good and smart mom. I love you.

Deidra said...

Since Millie has so little hair (and only a few snips along her neck to keep it from mullet territory), I don't have much experience. I hate to answer "handing her a show on my phone," but it happens sometimes when that fine hair goes into pigtails. That, and playing with a spare comb.

Lucy said...

No tricks. Just bad haircuts!