Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday - Frugal Living

The Senior Citizen's Center has a gleaners program for $20 a year (farmers in the area allow people to come in after the bulk of their crop is harvested and glean what's left and the Senior Citizen Center gets the money from the passes).  In May there is asparagus, June has berries and cherries, apricots in July, corn, peaches, melons in August, and potatoes and apples in October.  I haven't ever signed up for it before, but a friend said she loves it, so I signed up this week.

This band was playing in the Senior Citizen's Center when I went in to pay the dues.  The lunch crowd hadn't shown up yet, but they played to the few ladies sipping coffee like they constituted a full house. I quite enjoyed them and their enthusiasm for their music.  I even lingered.

Free music and $20 gleaning fees.  What a bargain.


I resupplied our dry bean storage this week with 150#'s of beans.

I've been using beans that I dry-packed 23 years ago.  The kids were little then and carried can after can after can to the storage shed.  The old beans are still good, and I'll continue to use them, but it is taking them longer and longer to cook and I thought I ought to get new ones while the price is still decent.  I see where 70% of the nation is in a drought and they expect whole commodity prices to rise this summer and fall.


I re-purposed a Christmas container by putting a chalkboard label (also a Christmas gift) on it and filling it with chocolate chip cookies for a hospital gift for a new mom.  

I downloaded some free apps for my phone.  It still blows me away how incredible technology is.  A flashlight, a radio, an alarm clock, 3000 pages of scriptures, maps, a camera (with more megapixels than my first three digital camera combined), the internet, and a phone . . . all in something the size of an old-fashioned coin purse and costs less per month than our old wall-mount phone service.  Amazing.

How about you?  What are your frugal accomplishments this week?


Marie said...

My frugal accomplishments? (Other than my beloved dollar store?)

Libraries. Everything you could want, $10 a year. Movie screenings, video games, toys, music, children's programs with songs, crafts, and snacks, DVDs, holiday programs, community events, oh ya, and they have books too.

patsy said...

My parents used to play in a blue grass band. They would play at senior centers all the time. So fun- really!

I love that you can get all that produce at such a GREAT price- fantastic!

Frugality is an awesome way of life. It is something I feel the whole country has been driven to with the economy the way it has been & is. It is honestly fun to see "new" ways to be frugal that we have been learning in RS since forever! :)

melanie said...

That gleaning gig is right up my alley! I wonder if there is anything like that here??

I made a spring wreath copied off of Pinterest with tulips from the dollar store. I'm quite proud, $4.