Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life in Our World - 13 on the 13th of April 2013

Ray and Levin got their picture in the first thing this morning.

Ty, Michelle, and Afton with the Green Family
(L-R Jake, Colton, Eliza, Whitney, Mike)
The Greens live in Colorado Springs and were Ty's host family while he attended USAFA.
They were also neighbors and friends to Michelle's family.  Whitney set Ty and Michelle up, and
 told Ty he was on his own if he didn't marry Michelle, because she had hand-picked her and he
wouldn't find any better.  We will forever be grateful to the Greens.  They not only took care of
Ty and Michelle, but also Abe and Grace while they lived in Colorado.
Colton is eight and ready to be baptized.  Greens drove to Utah to have Cole baptized
where  they would have lots of family to attend and  where Ty and Michelle,
and Jordan and Nicole (a cadet friend of Ty's who they also sponsored) could attend.
Ty, Michelle, Afton, Calvin, and I left Idaho at 5:15 Saturday morning and drove to Utah.
We made it with 3 minutes to spare.  It was so great to be in attendance. 

Jane - Calvin and I had a few hours after Colton's baptism before we needed to be somewhere.
  I have a great-grandma who immigrated in the 1800's who we've tried to get more information
on for years.  This winter while trying to find more information, our family history consultants
in Moses Lake suggested I go to Salt Lake where there are experts and films on the area that needs
searched.  When we realized we had a couple of extra hours, I asked Calvin if he would take me
to the family history library.  A kind and knowledgeable man helped me look at ports of departure
and passenger lists to find more clues about Grandma Tillie.  We'll need to make a return trip, but
from the information found, there is a possibility her name is Matilda instead of Otillia, and
that could make a difference.   

Calvin - Kiara, Crissa, Calvin, Ethan, Trent, and Brena
Trent is our second son from Calvin's first marriage.  We stopped to see his family while we were in Utah and it was really fun to be with
them.  It's a thrice-blended family, but the kids are remarkable at getting along.  It felt good to see them finding success as a family.   

Calvin and Trevor
Trevor is our oldest son from Calvin's first marriage.  After driving to Utah for a quick afternoon of seeing Trent's family we drove
back to Idaho to spend the night with Trevor's family.  Trevor has one of the funniest laughs and the prettiest blue eyes that sparkle
when he does.  We watched an episode of Duck Dynasty together before we went to bed.  What a funny show.

Grace and Abe visiting the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. After trying different Coca-Cola products from all over the world,
we definitively decided that India has the worst Coke product, "Thums Up".
(Jane speaking here: We were family texting during the day about awkward moments and Abe wrote: Our awkward moment
was when Grace got too close to the vault that holds the secret Coca Cola recipe right after they told us not to and sirens
started going off. Everyone stared at her and she got warned by an employee.)

Abe and Grace visiting the world's largest aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.
This is the only aquarium outside of Asia that is home to whale sharks.

Joe - Super French Fries

Ande - What a lot of my day looks like: a baby in a milk coma with Netflix on in the background.

Zeph - I gave my best face for my first 13 on 13.

Cali - Here is Levin's 13 on 13. He fell asleep tonight looking at his book of family pictures ... unfortunately you were all upside down.

 Michelle - My immediate family plus my grandparents at Josh and Elizabeth's wedding.

Afton - Ty's amazing photography skills at work.

Michelle - Josh's traditional and obligatory pregnant belly rub
(even though my belly doesn't show well in this picture). 


Ande said...

Yay!!! I love the 13th! It was so fun to see everyone's pictures and feel caught up a little. I love this tradition.

As a side note, I was sure the first 13th where we had a kid would inspire Joe to move away from food pictures. Alas.

Also, that is a very cute picture of you Mom.

Kathy said...

Jane, what a fun tradition...
I am happy you were able to go the the Family History Center in SLC. About is very surprising how many of our ancestors went by different names at different times! Birth Certificate, one name; marriage another and death another. No wonder FH is hard, yet very interesting.

melanie said...

I love Zeph's first picture, so cute. Also, Levin's clasped hands are adorable.

Everyone had a great 13th this month. I'm skeptical about that Coke recipe in a vault that close to the public. They just like a little drama for the visitors. Grace was their fall guy! ;)

Jill said...

Wow, your family just keeps growing! It's fun to see the babies make their way into 13 on the 13th.

Julie said...

I love that little Zeph! He is adorable! It was great you could be there for Colton's big day. The Green family IS wonderful! Safe travels to all!