Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - Wishy Washi

I do love washi tape.  If you like patterned fabric and papers, I imagine you love it too.  For those of you not familiar with washi tape it's basically just pretty masking tape, only it's not as cheap as masking tape though I wish it was.  Wishy washi.

Washi tape magnets and washi tape twist ties are two cute and simple pinterest ideas I used this week.  

Washi tape magnets


our fridge with washi tape magnets

I followed the directions given at the site above.  They were as simple as putting washi tape (or patterned scrap paper) on adhesive magnet strips and then trimming the edges to look like torn tape.  

Washing tape twist ties

pinterest photo

washi tape twist tie

Cut a length of washi tape the length you want the twist tie and put a piece of floral wire (of equal length) down the center of it.  Fold the tape over the wire and meet edges.  Press together.

Both projects were simple and cute and, if you like the little details in life, one more way to post things to your fridge or tie a bag of cookies closed.


Jill said...

I'm a fan of Washi tape as well so thanks for these cute ideas!

Alisa said...

Love the washi tape twist ties!! I will be using that tip all the time now!

melanie said...

You are the first person I thought of when I saw the washi tape twist ties on Pinterest. I love your attention to detail!

laska said...

I love washi tape too! And I have not seen these two ideas before! Love it!

Lucy said...

You make Pinterest a legitimate site. I stopped going to it because I never made anything and usually ended up feeling bad that I wasn't nearly as ambitious, creative or festive as the rest of the world. I love those magnets. Very cute.

Melinda said...

I love washi tape and I love this post! I made my sister come on and look and it all. I will definitely be making these. The magnets would be so cute for a VT gift or teacher gift. I just wonder where all of that cute washi tape came from because I have never seen any that cute before!