Sunday, May 5, 2013

52 Blessings

I know the rules with absolutes:  “every, always, never” – you should use them very sparingly and only if you’re sure.  

Nevertheless, even with such stringent rules, here are two things I’m absolutely sure I’m thankful for this week:

The Sacrament.  Because of a new baby, general conference, graduation, and a wedding, I missed taking the sacrament four weeks in a row.  I haven’t gone that long without it since I was a baby without teeth.  I hope to never go that long again.  I missed it and noticed its absence. 

Sunday afternoon naps.  I always think, “This is such a luxury,” when I lie down for a Sunday afternoon nap.   If you’ve ever had children you know they choose your nap time more often than you choose your nap time.  Those years have been behind me for some time now, but they burned the luxury of a nap into my long-term memory.  Today’s nap was especially nice, made even better by waking up to something good.   

ice cream floats


melanie said...


Alisa said...

I love red cream sodas, but I love naps more!! I agree that it totally feels like a luxury.

Jill said...

I always love reading your blog and hope to never miss a post!

Melinda said...

Sunday naps are a total luxury, one I haven't been able to take advantage of for a while. Our later church makes it hard.