Monday, May 13, 2013

Thirteen Pictures (Give or Take a Few) Taken on May Thirteen (Give or Take a Day) of 2013 (With no Give or Take)

Cali and Levin - packin' two

Ray - helped Cali hang the chalkboard

Ande and Zeph

Joe and Zeph - Go Sounders

Abe - grilling supper

Abe - helping a friend

Grace - chicken with quinoa/brown rice mixture garnished with an avocado spread

Ty, Michelle, and Afton - supper with friends

Afton - calling dad while he's at school

Afton playing with the throw pillows for the last time in Maryland.  They're packed up for the move.

Calvin and Jane - old calves teaching the new calves where the hottest wires are

Jane - homework assignment

Calvin - some family nights are more exciting than others.


Grace said...

I love seeing pictures of what everyone's doing! I love this tradition that we have.

melanie said...

Good post! After reading it, I'd like a Moses sunset, Grace's dinner, Cali's chalkboard and a snuggle with Zeph. Too much to ask? Ok, a snuggle with Zeph is enough :).

Jill said...

You guys are always doing something interesting.