Thursday, June 13, 2013

13'ish Pictures for the 13th of June 2013

Atlas Lincoln Follett
June 12, 2013

Cali holding Atlas and Levin

Levin - checking Atlas over  

Ray - Rapstar Atlas
"Yo Mama!!!"

Jane -  holding the grandsons of the family
Atlas, Levin, and Zeph

Calvin -  the whizzbang chicken plucker I built.
(Jane speaking here:  To see  how one works watch this you-tube video:

Ande- sadly my curly hair went straight after
having Zeph.  I'm wearing curlers for the first
time.  Wish me well.

Zeph - smiling because I get to spend the day
with Grandma and Follett cousins.

Grace - Enjoying the pool with good friends

Abe - watching the NBA finals at the clubhouse
since we don't have TV

Michelle - We've been in Tennessee before,
but last time we got there by crossing over the Mississippi River
 so we couldn't take a picture with us in it.
 This time it was from Mississippi state, so we could.
 (By the way, this is Afton's 13th state.
 Cue the Twilight Zone music.)

Afton - Surprising Grandma Page. 

We just sent Afton running their direction in the airport.

(Jane speaking here: Brian surprised Kathy for her 50th birthday by getting all of their kids together. I
love the look on Kathy's face when she begins to realize what is happening! She said, "Best day ever!")

Aunt Elizabeth gave Afton some Dr. Pepper.  
She kept wanting more despite what her face might tell you.

Ty - my solution to no changing table in the bathroom at Cafe Rio

Joe - a lady paid to break chips by hand
in Africa at a food factory.

Thanks family!  I love seeing these roll in each month.  Ray and Cali thanks for adding another participant.  His timing was perfect, too.  Welcome to the world and the family, Atlas.


Ande said...

These were some of the best pictures! You didn't post Zephs though...did I forget to send it?

I loved getting to be a part of everyone's day. I was going to list my favorite pictures, but it was almost every single one!

I love you.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Thank you for sending Zeph's picture Ande! Joe's didn't make it either, but he resent it so they're both in now.

Thanks too for being the photographer of most of the shots.

I do so love you.

Lucy said...

Atlas is perfect! Your family is so lovely.

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Congratulations on the new baby boy! Such precious pictures! Miss seeing you! Loye

Cassidy said...

Congrats to Cali!!!

Jill said...

Congratulations on another grandson!!

Nicole said...

Welcome Atlas! I love all of these Pictures! Jane, I especially love Zeph's eyes in the one of you holding all the boys. It made me laugh. I can't wait to meet these adorable babies!

melanie said...

I might have a favorite photo this month. Levin checking out Atlas with his arm draped over him. Precious. Welcome to the world Atlas!

Julie said...

Welcome Atlas and Congratulations to Ray and Cali! You do have some adorable grandchildren! Have a great time with all those cute boys!

Rachel said...

YA for baby boy number 3! I loved Ty's solution to no changing table, especially with the truck driving by. Afton had her first public mooning! Sad for Ande's hair...

Becky said...

Congratulations!! I always love these posts.

Becky said...

Congratulations! Love these posts and seeing what your wonderful family is doing.