Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homemaking Tips - Making the Practical Pretty

One of the best things of visiting our kids' homes is getting ideas for our home.  

Cali uses cake plates to decorate in their home.  This one is by the kitchen sink and, as you can see, holds dish soap, hand soap, and lotion.  It looks so . . . well, so . . . I don't know what word to use here . . . it looks so fine.  

There is a milk-glass cake-plate on the mantle with a plant.

And then this crystal one is in the bathroom.

And if I thought the kitchen one was fine, this one is very fine.

Yes, yes.  You are correct.  She does have a two year old.  But, he doesn't bother them (now the drawer that holds gum is a whole different story, but the cake plates are safe) because he knows they are pretty.

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