Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13ish Pictures for the 13th of August of 2013

Ande - Today was an "eat three pieces of cake and look at pictures
of a less stressful time on your phone so you don't lose it" kind of day.

Joe - Library
(Jane speaking here: Ben Franklin would feel good knowing that someone loves and uses
 his library idea like Joe does. I've never seen anyone fully utilize a library like Joe,
[except perhaps the homeless man in Twin Falls, Idaho that almost slept there].
Once Joe and Ande had 100 books out at a time [some were children's books]. They read them all.)

Zeph - My favorite part of the day.  I'm concentrating on splashing with my feet.

Abe - The meal Abe cooked for dinner tonight:
chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, and green beans. It was pretty darn good.

Grace - Listening in on Abe talk to a realtor and lender as we're looking into buying a house.
Fort Lewis, WA here we come- October 2013!

Peter Choong convincing Calvin of the virtue of a Kirby vacuum.
He's the 
most affable salesman we've ever met.

Jane - I had every intention of taking a picture of my fellow water zumba
friends and me doing our very best water zumba exercises.  Alas, they
weren't very flattering to any of us and there are some boundaries
you just don't cross with water friends.
Instead I bring you the towel, keys, card, and glasses.  

Afton - trying to talk to Papa on the phone

Ty - Afton is a big help

Michelle - S'mores. Michelle felt she had no reason to get out of bed
after her nap, until she remembered she bought s'mores stuff the day before.

Atlas - Not sure about those bunny ears.
Worried we are laughing at... not with.
Smiling a lot and occasionally giggling.
Cali - I spent the day amazed at what my hands can do...
I'm proud of myself for keeping two children alive. It's hard.

Levin - Nothing better than a second-hand toy with new batteries.
EXCEPT a second-hand toy with new batteries and a cup of raspberries. 

Ray - Finishing the movie they started while I was cutting their hair.
Close shave for Ray. High-n-tight for Levin.


Rachel said...

I don't think I've ever seen more beautiful children. Gah! I LOVE THEM ALL THE MOST-EST!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ande, I'm so glad you had a happy place to escape to! Moving is s.t.r.e.s.s.f.u.l. What kind of cake? I hope it was rootbeer or chocolate.

Joe, that is architecturally a beautiful picture. Nice work.

Zeph's eyes are so brilliant. He is such a content and handsome little boy.

Abe, you're quite a cook. I love chicken cordon bleu.

Grace, I'm so glad you announced that your move is official. Now I can say publicly how excited we are to have you close to home. Thanksgiving, Transiberian Orchestra concert, Christmas, Groundhog's Day . . . I'm excited you'll be near for all of them.

Afton looks so grown up talking on the phone. I think it's funny that earplugs are now associated with a phone rather than a hand-held receiver.

Ty, you're such a good dad. I enjoyed snooping in your cart, too.

Ahhhh, Michelle, if you only knew how many times I used dessert to get me out of bed. Your entry made me laugh.

We did not buy the vacuum. But Peter was so nice. Watch your doors, we recommended him ;0)

Cali, I loved your hand picture. You're right. Keeping children alive is hard work. You do a great job at it, too.

Those are mighty fine haircuts on Ray and Levin. What was the movie?

Fire trucks and raspberries make life pretty sweet to a little boy.

Atlas is beautiful.

I agree with Aunt Rachel: I LOVE THEM ALL.

Thank you for playing along.

melanie said...

Great post this month. I love your comments just as much.

Grace and Abe close- how exciting!

You have a wonderful family!