Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday Thinking - Exaggerated Virtues

Boyd K. Packer said that virtues, when exaggerated, transform themselves into vices.

So true.  So true.

A couple of weeks ago when Joe and Ande were visiting, I babysat Zeph for a few hours.  I put him on the cupboard in a laundry basket while I worked in the kitchen.

I didn't need four arms, an automatic swing, or a nanny, I just made-do with a towel and laundry basket.  Because making-do, you see, is one of my virtues.  

I had just finished priding myself on how I so often make do when I looked out the living room window.

The living room window has been cracked for almost three years . . . and that blue, penguin, duct tape has been striped across it for four months. After looking out the cracked window, I looked down at the stained carpet.  

Oh gee.  Suddenly making-do wasn't so virtuous any more.  When making-do is exaggerated it swells into not-taking-care-of-business.

How about you?  What is one of your exaggerated virtues?  (Heaven knows I've got enough vices and exaggerated virtues to tend I won't be worrying about yours.)


Cali said...

This made me laugh pretty hard. I've never heard that quote before, but the truth of it is screaming in my ears.

Amie said...

Hmmmm, I was so busy thinking about the virtues turned vices of other people I forgot to evaluate myself... a definite vice. I have work to do!

I like to think I'm helpful and have good information to offer but really I'm an overbearing nag :/

Jill said...

Oh dear, I know I have many but can't bear to think about them right now...denial perhaps.

Barb said...

I'm efficient.

melanie said...

Yes yes, I understand making do. My windshield (minus the penguins) looks like your window. For the last 5 years...