Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thirteen (plus a few more) Pictures for October Thirteen, Two Thousand Thirteen

Cali - holding after-church-nap Levin

Ray - holding ready-to-take-a-nap Atlas

Levin - foraging food for Houdini (the turtle)

Joe - Moving by the other side of the family means more of the same: moving people.
This is the after shot of Kelsey's move.

Zeph - It's a nice night to be naked.

Ande - I wish I didn't fall asleep every time I tried to read.

Jane - a full week of teaching - ten different lessons - and ended today with teaching the 
young women's lesson at church and visiting teaching.  
(Never mind I taught last month's lesson and never even realized it 'til now.)

Calvin - saying good-bye to Abe and Grace

Dan the Dog - saying good-bye
(Jane speaking here:  So glad that good-bye's aren't sad now that they're only a few hours away)

Abe - taking a break from unpacking

Grace - spending time with Clara

Michelle- This is my pillow.  It called to me all day long.

Eliza - wore matching dresses with Afton to church, made by Aunt Grace

Ty - Baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread to thank people for bringing us meals this week. 

Afton - And my parents wonder why they spend so much money on wipes.
(Not pictured: the giant piles of wipes found on an almost daily basis.)


Jill said...

I love seeing what everybody is doing and of course am floored (as always) by how fast the grandkids are growing.

How in the world do you manage to prepare that many lessons in a week? It must be energizing and exhausting at the same time!

Julie said...

It's great to see everyone! Glad Abe and Grace will be closer now. Those babies are sure adorable! I gave ONE lesson this week and thought I was stressed. You are amazing!

Ande said...

I have been looking forward to this!

Haley Krumblis said...

I'm waiting for Cali to post more pics of Atlas where you can see his face! Saw your visiting teaching pic and totally thought I gave the wrong lesson this month! Love the dresses on Afton and Eliza, Love that Zeph is naked. Still waiting on pictures from Ande on her new house. Still want more pics of Eliza from Ty and Michelle. LOVE that we can see Grace's belly and can't wait for more pics on their house! My favorite post of the month!


Rachel said...

My favorite was the picture of you and Uncle Calvin. It's a keeper. Thanks for the family update!

Alisa said...

Love the update!
Such darling grand kids!!!!

Brenda Goodrich said...

Are Abe and Grace at Fort Lewis now?!!!? How exciting if they are. That is my old stomping ground as I grew up in Graham. The kids all look so happy and you and Calvin look wonderful AND content, which is a wonderful way to be. Come by the candy kitchen when you can stay longer, please.

Brenda Goodrich said...

Postscript: are you sure Zeph doesn't belong to Ty?

Kim Sue said...

Missed staying connected to your wonderful family during my blogging break.