Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life in Our World - From Weekend to Weekend

Last weekend Grace, Atlas, Cali, and I went to Snohomish to a scrapbook retreat with our friends.  One thing that makes these retreats great is we've been doing them long enough that now our daughters are old enough and coming back to join us.  This retreat Atlas came, too (and was a lovely model for many projects).

Atlas modeling Amanda's minion hat

We don't just scrapbook at these retreats:  Cali sews and quilts, Tracy does a lot of hand embroidery, Sonja and Anita always bring a crochet project or two, Susan, Jill, and Amanda do a wide variety of craft projects, Donna and Deb usually make lots of cards, and Nicole does a little bit of everything.

Nicole wearing a tu-tu she made for a friend's costume

Just Dance competitors
Nicole, Grace, and Cali

We take turns cooking and this year we had a turkey dinner, cafe rio salads, creme brulee french toast, hashbrown casseroles, and lots of good fruit.  I always look forward to this fall retreat and we had a really great time and everybody got lots done.

Amanda made a fun candy table for everyone to enjoy

This weekend the Billington's came from Idaho to visit.   A few minutes before they arrived, friends Daniel and Rosa stopped by to use our computer.  Everybody squeezed around the tilted table for supper.

(L-R) Nephi's chin, Chris, Jake, Bruce, Charlie, Rosa, Daniel, and Calvin's forehead

Calvin hatched a straight-run of chicks for my niece Charlie last spring.  This weekend the whole family hauled the roosters in the batch up to use the whizzbang chicken plucker.

(L-R) Bruce, Charlie, Calvin, Nephi (Charlie's husband), Chris, and Jake

Bruce and Chris own and operate a stock sale in Southern Idaho, so they brought us another steer to put in our pasture, too.

We had a great weekend with them.  While the men put the ribs on the grill for dinner, Chris, Charlie and I went to the Piper Barn Holiday Show.  Chris is a great shopper and is always fun to go with.

After we finished butchering the chickens and ate a supper of barbecued ribs, we went to the show Captain Phillips.

Everybody . . .

 . . . and I do mean everybody, had a great time.

In between the weekends, life went on as normal.  Except Calvin set a few goals for himself:

I am happy to report that he accomplished them.  Not once did he complain about another driver, and Tuesday when we went to the Temple and he was wearing his white shirt and dress pants and he dropped his pop and it started to spill all over, he didn't even half-way swear.  And when a friend called wanting to borrow money he did his best to try and help them.

It was another great week.


Ande said...

Those are great pictures! I love Dad's goals. Way to go Dad! Both for not swearing, being nice, no road rage, and for building a handy machine. It's mobile folks, it's mobile.

Donna Chapin said...

It was a great retreat weekend! I love getting together and catching up with each other. It warms my heart that our daughters are making friends with each other too.
Can't wait until we meet again.

melanie said...

I loved this post!

The bottom half of Atlas's face sure looks like the bottom half of Levin's. That is a cute hat.

Dan and that foot. Now I know I can bribe him with a chicken foot. Funny dog.

'Not even half way swear'. High five Calvin!

Alisa said...

I read the book Thanksgiving Graces by Mark Kimball Moulton to Tucker and it reminded me of you. Then reading your post about adding people around your table reminded me of the book. :)

Haley Krumblis said...

Sad, that retreat is my favorite:(. Looks like fun.

Rachel said...

That picture of Dan is one of my all time favorites. I think it should be blown up and hung in a bathroom. It would make me smile everytime.

Jill said...

Your girls getaways always look so fun, I miss that aspect of scrapbooking for sure!

I never resolve not to swear because I would have such a hard time keeping that goal!

Amie said...

How fun! I wish my mom and sisters liked to scrapbook (or do something that would inspire a productive retreat). What a great tradition.

And, that is the cutest hat!

Michelle said...

Miss seeing you. Enjoyed your retreats so much

Michelle said...

Miss seeing you. Enjoyed your retreats so much