Friday, February 14, 2014

Fourteen pictures for the 14th of February 2014

This Valentine's Day found the family scattered hither and yon:  Michelle and the girls were in South Carolina with Joe and Ande's family (Ty has been in extensive pilot testing), and I was on the other side of the mountain with Abe, Grace, and Henry.

Nonetheless, it was a day of love (said in Too Slim's voice from Riders in the Sky Go Commercial)

Zeph - With Afton and Eliza wishing the world a Happy Valentine's Day

Afton - The scary vacuum got babysitting duty for the
crib climber.  
Level expert Mom.

Eliza - Just thinking Mom's the funniest.

Ande - "Crazy Eye Joe"

Joe - How we celebrate Valentines Day.
With rib bones, fries, and sweet potato casserole.

Michelle - Lonely Hearts Club

Ty - Michelle had a friend deliver this for me for Valentine's Day!
It is to help the drive go quicker on Saturday when I go to pick them up.

Ray - Climax of the day . . . a movie.  Monsters Inc.

Cali - Because love gave us a family of four . . . and that is how the grocer packaged them.

Atlas - Atilla the nun

Levin - Reading the instructions on how best to play.  

Grace - Henry is happier than he looks.

Henry - Tuckered out from playing with Grandma Jane all week.

Abe - Testing out my new Hennessy Hammock

Jane - Bet you can't guess what Henry just did.

Calvin - (text sent to kids) Happy Valentines Day to all of you . . . 
but I get the best valentines today . . . . 

(Jane speaking here:  This was on the table when I walked in the door at 10:30 pm:
mother mary candles with the labels taken off, a couple of West Point goblets,
sparkling cider, shrimp, cocktail sauce, hot fudge sauce, and strawberries. It was the sweetest.) 

Thanks family for the pictures.  Your dad and I love you.  “You can kiss your family . . . good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.” ― Frederick Buechner


Jill said...

Grand babies, grand babies, everywhere grand babies...your heart must be full to bursting these days!

Alisa said...

Those candles!!! I love the way Calvin celebrates!

Ande said...

I loved seeing these pictures! I especially love the one of you, Abe, and Henry! We have a matching one...remember? I also especially love the one of Afton, Zeph, and Eliza. And of Dad being romantic.

Deidra said...

The vacuum as anti-crib climbing enforcer is so funny! I wish I had a threat to keep Millie in her bed at (what is now) quiet time!

It's fun to watch your family grow. Lucky grand babies!