Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Tried It - Road Conditions and Traffic Report

(We often had pile-ups.  They're just part of life.)

I've seen masking tape roads several places on Pinterest, so the last time Levin was here he helped me build some all over the living room floor.  Occasionally we'd add a new road.  The first day he played with the roads about an hour as long as I was playing with him, the second day not at all, and the third day for several hours, many of those by himself.

The road in the picture is up the side, over the top, and down the other side of the ottoman.  After we laid the road, I used it first.  As my little truck was going up the side, I was calling out (in true Little Engine That Could fashion). "It's hard!  It's hard!  I don't think I can do it!  Help!  I don't think I can do it!"  Levin leaned over and yelled even louder, "YOU CAN DO IT!  C'mon little truck. YOU CAN DO IT!"

I puffed and grunted up the ottoman and when I reached the top Levin yelled, "YOU DID IT!  YOU DID IT TRUCK!"

It was the sweetest.

Later, I went to get in the shower and when I came back out into the living room he was talking to his trucks as they struggled to climb the ottoman.

It was pretty darn sweet.

I'm definitely remembering this pin.  I'm going to keep a roll of masking tape in the ice cream bucket of cars from now on.  I'm also going to make up a few truck buckets as birthday gifts, too.


Jill said...

That's so sweet! I wish I would have thought of that back when Landon was obsessed with toy cars.

melanie said...

The live repeat was just as sweet. You are a wonderful Grandma!

Ande said...

That is the best picture. And truly, you are the best grandma.