Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tried It - Timeless

I like to pin things on my "Make Room" pinterest board from Timeless Interiors.  (You should see the bread rack!)  Timeless Interiors is a furniture store with modern and well-crafted furniture.  I've admired many pieces from there on the internet as well as in Joe and Ande's, and Abe and Grace's homes.  

Recently Timeless Interiors hosted a give-away.  They encouraged patrons to submit a charity of their choice for the chance to win an office make-over.  I enjoyed reading about each charity and what they offer to the local community.

Here is Zeph carefully choosing the grand-prize winner while his grandmother, Holly Dixon, and Joe watch.

Today I'm guest-posting on Timeless Interiors.  I hope you'll read my post Heap O' Livin' about making a house a home.

Thank you Timeless Interiors for your commitment to your community and the opportunity to write for your blog.

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Susan said...

That was wonderful Jane! And so true! I think especially the be grateful part. Such a huge key to loving your home! Thank you!!