Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life in Our World - 14+ Pictures for the 14th of March in the Year 2014

Zeph - Playing with babysitters G-Ma and E-Pa
(or Holly and Eric).

Joe - our new line of chalk and 
clay paints for DIYers.

Ande - My garden. It has pineapple plants,
basil, and tiny little bean sprouts.

Eliza: I backed myself into a trap, but I’m not too sad about it.

Ty: Sporting my three-day-old mustache for
Mustache March while studying.

Michelle: Today google taught me that vegetable
oil is great for getting things un-sticky.

Afton - "Look Mom, I'm hiding."

Grace - Out for a walk and enjoying the blossoms

Henry's out growing his newborn clothes.
He had a blowout while we were out and
about running errands and these were the
only pajamas to change Henry into.
Poor little guy couldn't straighten out his legs!

Abe - Playing catch with my boy.

Levin kept telling Cali he found a tractor that
had pokers. Cali kept telling him tractors don't have
pokers. Here he is proving Cali wrong.
"Sometimes even mamas make mistakes..."

Atlas and Cali are both perplexed on how to
teach a 9 month old to suck the food out.
We finally gave up and just used a spoon.

Ray - For months Cali has been looking for the
perfect way to inspect ears . . . Today she found it.

      Cali - The only flip flops Walmart had that were under $3. 
Pink camo it is, then.

Calvin - Visiting family in Seattle and showing 
Henry to the moon and stars

Jane - We came to Seattle for the weekend.  
Levin had been to the park and picked someone's
daffodils - one for me and one for his mom.


melanie said...

So many babies. I love it! Where is your picture??

Jill said...

Where were you Janey Paney?!

Ande said...

I love the picture of Dad with Henry!

Rachel said...

Afton in the glue trap is so darn funny!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Mine and Joe's were both missing, but I fixed it!