Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life in Our World - Six for Saturday

Calvin getting Juan to smile while he's trying to concentrate on making an arrow.
 It doesn't take much to get Juan to smile and his grin covers his whole face.  

The boys finally got to start their bows today.    

They were so appreciative and excited. 

Danielsen and Bobby making arrows.

I had some leftover ham and beans in the freezer and made some toast rounds and much-too-flat, no-bake cookies to go with them.  It was plain fare, fare I'd normally have been too embarrassed to serve to company, but they ate it happily and acted like I'd done them a huge favor.  Not one boy would go back out to work on the bows until they'd cleared the table and wiped it clean.  It was very sweet.


Friday was our temple day for the Spanish Branch youth.  Since we had to leave at 3:00 to get to the temple on time, we met in the seminary parking lot (across from the high school) after school.  We knew they'd be hungry, so we put the tailgate down on the pickup and served them bbq sandwiches, chips, and cookies before they loaded into Roylance’s motor-home.  The kids played games all the way down and back.   

I took this picture of Nesha Roylance and sent it to her.
She texted back, "Old truck drivers never die . . . "
True.  She's driven just about every kind of truck a farmer owns.

The young men of the Branch.

Calvin and I really enjoy serving in the Spanish Branch and working with Brent and Nesha Roylance and Mitch Poth.


Often when I pull into the driveway after work, Dan runs to the calves in the pasture, right up to their noses, and barks and barks to tell them I’m home.  They could care less if I’m home or not and ignore him.  

Actually they act perturbed, but their lack of enthusiasm doesn’t dampen his, he just rolls in the manure instead then races back to the car so that he’s there by the time the door opens.  He stinks to high heavens, but he expects me to be as excited to see him as he is to see me.

Eeeek.  I carefully, very carefully, scratch the top of his head with one finger and tell him we’ll go on a walk later.  Much later.  After he’s rolled in the grass and aired out in the sun.

This morning we went on long, early morning walk to make up for those promised walks that didn’t happen this week.  He is such a good dog.  I dread the day he isn’t there to welcome me home.  


We are great-grandparents.  No lie!  Our oldest son from Calvin's first marriage, Trevor and his wife, Michelle are grandparents so that bumps us up to greats.  Jake and Nikki had their baby boy this week.  

I never tire of seeing dads with their kids.  Never.  It doesn't matter whether it's in a picture or in real life.


I bought this birthday card.  I think it's funny.  And true.

My friend Julie Phipps has a beautiful collection of Polish Pottery.  She drove to Poland
while she lived in Norway and loaded her van to the gills with pieces.  She has given me
three beautiful pieces.  Each of our kids have received a piece from her, as well, as wedding gifts.

Isn't this a beautiful Polish Pottery display?  It was in Costco.  I love that blue, polka-dotted, $155 bowl in the lower-left corner the most.  

And that's life in our world this week.


abe said...

You guys are awesome youth leaders.

melanie said...

You are the best leaders, making a read difference. I'm grateful you share some of your experiences. I can't wait to see the finished bows.

I love polka dots. And that bowl.