Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Tried It - To the Future


This past Saturday, Cali and I had to run a fruit salad to town at 8:00 am for a wedding.  Since the boys were still home asleep and the highway was empty except for 5 cop cars which insured we took our time, the car was quiet and we visited about a myriad of topics:  fruit salad, weddings, Easter baskets, what to have for Sunday dinner, the virtues of Costco produce vs. the unpleasantries of Walmart produce . . . and the future.

We determined that looking forward is important, but dwelling on the future is counter-productive. There are so many unknowns to prepare for in likely situations, let alone all the unlikely situations that are bound to happen that it can put your mind in a spin.  We decided we should prepare for the future the best we can, and that includes increasing our faith, but then to fully live today. It wasn't a new discovery, but it was our Saturday morning resolution.

I was looking through my Pinterest boards this evening and saw this one by Corrie ten Boom.  As a holocaust prisoner she faced such a bleak future (and even facing a good future can be daunting), and gave us a good example of how to live with the unknown.  This pin is a good reminder for me of the conclusion we reached on Saturday.  Here's to the future Cali (clink).


patsy said...

good reminder-
thanks jane

Donna Chapin said...

Jane this post reminded me about a saying my Great Grandma used to tell us. Thanks for the reminder.

Donna Chapin said...
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Jill said...

I haven't heard this one before, it's brilliant.