Thursday, May 15, 2014

14 Pictures for the 14th of May 2014

Calvin:  "I grill what I kill and I kill what I grill."

Jane:  Hydrangeas for the flower pots in front of the garage.
(HomemakingTip:  Put a flower in front of selfie double chins.)

Calvin and Jane:  YM/YW canoeing on Moses Lake

Abe:  The training may not be fun, but the view is great!
(Mount Rainier)

Henry:  Just like Grandpa Calvino

Grace:  Love this snuggly boy.

Cali:  Off to work instead of planting these.

Ray, Levin, and Atlas:  I (Cali) have stiff competition for Ray's lap these days.

Ande:  A typical Wednesday night:  Survivor.
Not typical:  pizza, chips and queso, and orange juice for dinner.

Joe and Zeph: A family walk . . . er drive . . . this morning.
Zeph waved and honked his horn.

Eliza:  Played musical car seats today.
No, not because I'm getting a little brother or sister.  I'm just growing too fast.

Afton:  Teaching Eliza to jump on the bed.

Ty:  I took Afton on a 5k family "Full Moon" fun run tonight.
She was the first one to cross the finish line!
But all she could talk about was the moon pie she got.

Michelle:  The end.


abe said...

Thanks for doing this. I love Afton's head band.

Michelle said...

Jane, we be mates! Your flower trick is my blanket trick. ;-)

Magila said...

Like Abe, I also love Afton's sweat band. And them jumping on the bed. I also liked your selfie taking tip, Mom. Looks like I need to get me some hydrandias!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Abe, Michelle, and Ande, I'm so glad everyone sends these each month. Do you realize this is our fourth year running?

Jill said...

You look beautiful in your picture! I always wish I could hold something in front of my chins.

Rachel said...

These posts are my favorite. I've been salivating over that hamburger a lot! Even now at 8 in the morning. And HOW does Ty manage to cross the finish line first while pushing a stroller??? What am I not getting? (That he's in shape?)

Rachel said...

You look so young in your flower-hiding-double-chin picture! I'd say either that trick works or you don't even need it! I'm glad Afton is getting full use out of my hand-me-down bed. I never had that much fun with it.

Kathy Page said...

Jane, these are my favorite posts! I love this idea!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I love these pictures, the comments are hilarious, my favorite is canoeing on the lake! But I loved all of them!