Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday Memories -- Bumper Stickers

We're not bumper sticker people . . . well, we weren't bumper sticker people.  Then West Point sent Abe a decal when he was accepted and before I could even say yay or nay it was in our back window.  Slowly but surely as the kids went to college the car window filled up with alma maters . . .

Recently we gave our car away, but before we did we got one last picture . . .

Sbe was a very, very good car.  She looked like a hundred others (do you know how many "desert sand" Toyota Camry's are in the average Walmart parking lot?  Even more than in the church parking lot), but those back window stickers were her birthmark and I didn't lose her once.

Here's what we drive now.

It's Cali and Ray's old car and it's identifying characteristic is that it's clean.  Real clean.  It's just a matter of time until I can't find her and have to buy a bumper sticker.

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Ande said...

I love that picture of us with our stickers. I'm most proud of the last sticker we added.