Sunday, September 14, 2014

14 or so Pictures for the 14th of September in 2014

Abe:  Relaxing with my fellow 49'ers fan.

Henry and 49'er family

Grace:  Dad, Abe, Henry, and me at church

Calvin:  Delivering one of two roasters full of chicken gravy for an
Institute dinner before the fireside tonight.

Jane:  Playing with Henry

Eliza:  I love slides.

Afton:  We got to play at a cool park this afternoon.

Ty:  Me and my assistant chef getting ready to make
Rice Krispy Treats

Michelle: The time of day we’ve ALL been looking forward to today.
When you’re the camera lady, you usually forget to get a picture of yourself.
Maybe next month.

Joe:  Ande asked Joe what the caption should be.
He said, "Uhhhhh.  Whatever you want."

Zeph carefully chose each piece of his outfit this afternoon.
Romper: somehow he found it in the box in his closet I had
been hiding it in... but he didn't want it buttoned up.
Flip flops: Zeph loves his shoes and would wear them all day long
if I would let him.
 Bucket: a usual accessory. 

Ande:  We have been looking at this book cover, at Zeph's insistence,
for at least a full minute. Why, you ask?
Because it has a ball and Zeph needs to point and shout, "A BAAALL!"

Atlas:  And his path of destruction.

Ray:  The mighty hunter and his sidekick watching Tarzan.

Cali:  Working on printed-out Instagram.

Thanks Family.  It's so fun to see the little details in your lives each month.  I love you.


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melanie said...

Henry's fat baby thighs are the cutest! He's gotten bigger since last month, hasn't he?

It's great to catch up with your family. Calvin is looking younger with that beard. Did Joe talk him into it?