Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homemaking - Information Sheet

This has nothing to do with the post, but a couple weeks ago Grace and I made
candy-corn colored gumball jars to decorate our kitchen windowsills.
They only cost us $1 and they're downright cheery.

It seems we're often asked to fill out "Information Sheets." Several months ago I was given the one below.  The questions were quick-to-answer and fun to think about.  

Whether you use these questions for a journal entry of your own or for supper table conversations, they help a family connect. And that's what homemaking is really all about, making a place where family connects.

1.     What’s your dream job?
D-d-d-d-definitely being a homemaker. It has a steep learning curve and requires a little bit of everything – finance, culinary arts, organization skills, carpentry, family and marriage counseling, janitorial, healthcare, and veterinary science. It truly is a dream job. Be warned, the monetary pay is terrible, but the satisfaction is high.

2. What's the most exciting or memorable thing you did in the past year?
Had four grandchildren. At each child’s birth I went and stayed in the homes for at least a week to help the new parents launch their new little human. It’s pretty memorable work.

3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
Forgiveness. Mind you, forgiveness most benefits the forgiver, but there is no denying that the look of relief that spreads across the forgiven’s face after a terrible malfeasance attests that forgiveness is a sweet, and most welcome gift.

4. What's your favorite fast food joint?

Artic Circle because they have fry sauce and 50 cent ice cream cones.

5. If you were a dessert, what would you be?
Berry Pie. I’m not showy. A crust is a crust. But when you open me up, you’ll find there issubstance and a certain vibrancy. But perhaps most importantly, like pie, I’m best when I’m on a team. Pie without ice cream? The ice cream gives the pie depth, and thus it is with me.

6. If you could live anywhere you wished for a summer where would it be? What would you do?
I would really enjoy living on a university campus for a summer, taking classes, attending lectures, occasionally teaching, and eating in a cafeteria. If I could go to the BYU-Jerusalem campus that would be a bonus.

7. If you could have any art object in the world to display in your room solely for your own enjoyment, what would it be and why?
It would be a bronze sculpture, but of whom or what historical event I’m not sure.

8. Who would you most like to have lunch with? Where would you go? What would you eat?
My husband, Calvin, in a talkative mood. I would go to Texas Roadhouse and have the 6 oz sirloin special. Eating in public isn’t my favorite event, so I would choose someone and some place comfortable.

9. What talent would you most like to have and why?
For my own enjoyment, play the fiddle. For the enjoyment of others, a voice in the female range. It is quite distressing to sing in a tenor/bass range (slightly off key) in a Relief Society room of sopranos and altos.

10. What are two of your very favorite films?
Sound of Music. Much as I like many others, I always come back to Maria sewing dresses out of curtains so that children can play and the dance scene with Curt and then the Captain.

The BBC Pride & Prejudice.

(I didn’t realize I was a romantic.)

11. What are the last two CDs you purchased or received?
The Piano Guys. I love the cello, piano combination. 

At our last family reunion everyone submitted their favorite song of the year. We guessed each song’s contributor and everyone received a cd. Listening to that makes me happy. Each song reminds me of a person that I love.

12. What are the last two things you read just for fun?
The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
Whistling Season by Ivan Doing

13. If you were a Disney cartoon character, who would you be and why?
Pluto. He’s not cross like Donald Duck, he’s not mean like Pete, and he’s not an idiot like Goofy.

14. If you could choose your own death, how would you die?
Translated or in my sleep. In short, painlessly.

15. What’s your most irrational fear? What are its origins?
That my children will not like each other. My childhood.

16. What’s your best celebrity sighting?
I would have to recognize and know celebrities to sight them. Often people will mention a singer, sportsman, or actor’s name and I have no clue who they’re talking about.

17. What’s one of your pet peeves?

When I fall into victim-hood.

18. If your life were being made into a movie, what would the title be and which actor would play you?
A Life Just Like Yours. Sandra Bullock.

19. Note which of the following you would want to have with you if you were stranded on a tropical island. (Assume that you have the scriptures & necessary equipment with you already).
Animal: Our cur, Dan. He would let us know when the rescuers came.
Person: My husband, Calvin. He’s resourceful and would keep us alive.
Item of your choice: Fire or chapstick

20.  What question would you add to this survey? What would your answer be?

Q: "If you had the choice of speaking every thought that ever crossed your mind or never speaking another word, which would you choose?"

A: Painful as it would be, I’d have to choose mute. My thoughts need edited too much to go live.

I'd love to read any of your answers to the questions in the comment section . . . 


melanie said...

3. The best gift I've ever given is the gift of life. Of course, it's also the best gift I've ever received.

7. I would want a big painting in my home. Of what I have no idea either but I love those canvases that take up half a wall.

10. Can I answer musicals? Seven Brides, Sound of Music, Music Man, Newsies, Hello Dolly. I sort of love a movie I can sing along to, even if my singing is clearly off key.

13. I'm not sure...the bossy chipmunk??

20. Mute. Most definitely mute.

I love posts like these. So glad you blog!

freddy said...


hi, there; I've just ofund out your blog and I've gone through the test... you sound like a very interesting and reliable persone; honest at least. I do like your answers number 3 and 4 and also the fact that your husband comes up here and there.
Well a simply ciao from an italian guy!!

Have a wonderful life

Lucy said...

I’d definitely have to be a mute too. I value kindness so much and am surprised I am not more kind in my mind. Thank goodness for the filter between brain and tongue so that I can do better than I am.

I love getting to know you. For all of these years.