Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homemaking Tip - Making the Most of Mundane

I forgot I had to report for jury duty this morning, I found a sub for the 3 classes I had to teach and then drove the 25+ miles as fast as I could to get to the courthouse.  I got there with 4 minutes to spare.  (If you're late you are given extra days to serve.)

Me and my 50 fellow prospective jurors filled out a questionnaire, watched a video on the justice system, listened to the judge deliver instructions, answered questions by the attorneys, and stared down every inch of the courtroom and each other for three hours.  I was potential juror #29, but the last juror chosen was juror #27 so, with my jury duty duration finished, I came home and peeled pears to dry.

Standing at the kitchen sink peeling and slicing pears takes a very long time.  It's one of the slowest kitchen tasks I know.  As you stand there, peeling and coring and slicing each pear, it's easy to think of all the things you could be doing if pear-peeling didn't take so long.  However, pear-peeling is thoroughly enjoyable, and you don't wish to do other things, if you have a good conversation.  Beings there was no one to talk to, I turned on The Mormon Channel ( It's like listening to a really good conversation that teaches you something.  I enjoy several of the programs on the channel.  One of my favorites is "Insights"  ( from the archived programs. I've listened to some that explain  (Understanding Islam, Understanding Mathematics, Understanding Money) and some that entertain (Abraham Lincoln).

A positive part of mundane chores, like pear-peeling, is it leaves the mind free to think and learn and make plans.   I'm looking forward to peeling pears again tomorrow.


Kathy Page said...

You are the champion of making the best out of any situation!

Grandma & Grandpa said...

I love the Mormon Channel too, but then forget it's even there. Thanks for the reminder! Where are you teaching now? Vaughn will be interested to know you're teaching. He's always been in your corner! Did you know he has Stage 4 cancer? I think that everyone knows and then someone will say they had no idea. I felt you'd want to know, you've always been so kind to us.
On with the pears! Love to all your wonderful
family! V&L

Ande said...

I like mundane chores most days too. Especially if I've got you or Cali to visit with.