Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It Says . . . the Family is God's masterpiece (Almost 14 pictures for the 14th of October 2014)

Calvin:  The red vest is back.

Jane:  A student made me a caramel apple
all by himself.  
(My first apple in 14 years of teaching.)

Abe: Showing Henry videos of himself.
He watches them just like Grandpa Calvin
watches himself: with interest and a big smile. 

Henry- His face pretty much sums up his day.
The poor little guy has been sick and teething.

Grace- Abe and I made dinner together tonight.
Apple cider pork chops
(from the pig we just butchered).
 It was delicious!

Eliza: being cute while trying to rest up and feel better.

Afton: watching Sesame Street because
I don't feel good either, and wondering
why mom is taking a picture.

Michelle: Ande and I went shopping at some fancy-pants stores today
and found some great deals to dress me up for Ty's pilot training graduation next week.

Ty:  Making Asian street food for the Nehila's.

  Zeph:  Me and Afton throwing rocks from the porch.
Joe: Zeph insisting he get pickles . . . 

. . . lounging with a self-satisfied grin as
he enjoys the spoils of saying "please."

Ande: Today my major accomplishment
was growing another human
while keeping a 1.5 year old alive and happy.
And that seemed like good enough.

Levin:  Doctor's appointment with flu shots.

Atlas:  Flu shot celebration.

I really do believe that families are the hub in God's plan for our eternal happiness, and I really do believe that families are ordained of Him. Even on days when our family is anything but harmonious or satisfying, I repeat to myself, "Families are central to God's plan.  Families are central to God's plan.  Families are central to God's plan."  And on those days when being a family is so incredibly fulfilling and beautiful and inspiring and peaceful, I repeat to myself, "Families are God's masterpiece.  The family really is God's masterpiece."

(This post is part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge hosted by Myquillyn Smith  To see other posts in the series, click here)

[About 14 on 14] Each month we have a family post that correlates to the date.  For example in 2011, when the tradition began, each member of the family took a picture of what they were doing on the 11th of the month.  Each month's post that year (theoretically) had 11 pictures in it.  In 2012, each member in the family took a picture on the 12th of each month and each month's post (theoretically) had 12 pictures in it.  Now, here we are to 2014 . . . and (theoretically) there are 14 pictures on the 14th of each month (but realistically, there will be more like 12 or 17 pictures).


Michelle said...

I always love these. Ande neglected to mention that on too of everything else, she is currently serving as a fabulous hostess to 4 houseguests, one of whom peed on her couch last night (not me!)

Ande said...

I love these! I look forward to them every month. I love that picture of Dad. I also think Abe and Grace's dinner looks delicious. Michelle didn't mention how much fun we had together. And those pictures of Levin and Atlas say so much.