Friday, November 14, 2014

Life in Our World - Fourteen Pictures for the Fourteenth of November of Two Thousand and Fourteen

Michelle: A laundry-folding party in my bare house with Jack Bauer.
(Jane speaking here, Ty and Michelle and the girls will move to San Antonio, Texas next week for further training.)

Ty:  Enjoying dinner at The Steam Plant in Spokane, WA
(Jane speaking here:  Ty's first meal after completing a week of
survival training in sub-zero temps.)

Eliza:  Having good dreams during nap time.

Afton:  Family movie night watching Dusty Grasshopper.

Ty:  At the mall in Spokane.

Abe:  After spending the last month in my hammock (while training), I'd say the
investment was worth it.

Grace:  Just one more day until Abe gets home from his 4 week training!

Henry:  Devouring my first cheeto

Ande:  This picture pretty well sums up my day.
Zeph:  Zeph has been learning to put away all of his toys and books.  Today it took him a good
5 minutes to round up every single ball scattered through the house, but he did it!
(With me reminding him to "put it away" every 10 seconds or so.)

Jane:  Each weekday I teach 89 students the scriptures.  It's a very rewarding and challenging job.

Calvin:  With Brandee and Andre Guzman (our Branch President and his wife).
Calvin fixed them a steak and seafood dinner tonight to celebrate Andre's 40th birthday.
Pres. Guzman and Calvin are kindred carnivores.

Calvin & Jane:  After the Guzmans went home we laid down in front of the fire and fell asleep.

Calvin & Jane:  This is true.  We know it.


Ande said...

I love these. The picture of Afton and Eliza eating popcorn scattered on the ground while watching a movie is so cute. And I love the one of Henry eating a Cheetos. I'm glad you finally took a picture of you teaching--you look so cute. I wish I could go to a class taught by you every day.

Jill said...

What no Folletts this month?!

I love seeing the picture of you in your classroom.