Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fifteen Pictures for the 15th of January 2015

Michelle: There MIGHT come a day when I wish this phase
of bedtime snuggling away, but I seriously doubt it.

Afton: Maybe she needs a jogging stroller. 

Ty: Practicing in the simulator.

Eliza:  I discovered my shadow tonight (mom's flash made it disappear),
but I was much more brave about seeing it than Afton was
when she discovered hers.

Zeph:  "I'm happy."

Joe:  "I'm busy."

Ezra:  "I'm tired."

Ande:  "Me, too, Ezra.  Me, too."

Calvin:  On my way to Idaho to see Trevor who just had back surgery.

Jane:  This is what bathroom graffiti looks like in a seminary building. 

Levin:  If they aren't hugging back there, they are punching . . . Atlas
being the worst offender.  About time for me to start threatening to pull over.
Levin said, "I'm having a hard day."

Atlas:  Like a shark in a penguin aquarium . . . act natural and maybe they won't notice.  

Henry:  Banging on the glass.

Grace:  Watching Henry climb the stairs.

Abe - Henry telling me that his first word was "Dad".
(Grace thinks he has already said "Mom" but I'm not buying it.)


Ande said...

I love these! I look forward to them all month.

Michelle said...

Abe and Grace, my kids both said "dad" first. But I credit that to me doing a better job teaching them... it's hard to teach your own name, but easier to teach the name of someone or something else. Basically what I'm saying is, Grace wins either way. ;-)

Kathy Page said...

I love that we share some of the same pictures. And your seminary graffiti is hilarious!