Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fifteen Pictures for the Fifteenth of June 2015

I always look forward to see what each person in our family is doing on this day of each month . . . 

Ty:  Took the girls to the post office to mail a package Afton had made for cousin Zeph.

Michelle: That's me. Stuck in the weight-induced crater,
at the bottom of the inflatable water slide, under a pile of children.

Afton: Having fun in my new Minnie Mouse swimsuit at a birthday party.
Mom said I couldn't stay on top of the slide forever so I had to choose the stairs or the slide.
I chose correctly.

Eliza: I like frosting.

Kathryn:  Sanctuary!

Joe: Even though Zeph was in bed when I got home from work, he heard me walk in the door.
We read books in bed.

Ande:  Eating animal crackers to tide me over until Joe gets home
from working late.

Zeph: splashing with the hose and searching for frogs and lizards.

Ezra: playing with my mermaid rattle and
enjoying rare alone time with mom.

Captain Levin fishing for salmon on the Copper River

Abe - no action shots of my boy from today.

Grace:  Abe teaching Henry to wrestle.

Henry:  Dad chasing me.

Calvin:  Traded a blackpowder gun I made for this WWII era jeep.
Item crossed off my bucket list.

Jane:  In Mississippi visiting Ty and Michelle.  We went downtown Columbus to see the old,
pre-Civil War homes.  The Confederates were able to keep the Union forces from destroying
the town.  We also went to the equally-as-old town cemetery.


Michelle said...

Hahaha I love how Abe didn't take any action shots of Henry--because Abe is IN all the action shots of Henry. I love this 15th tradition.

Ande said...

Hey! Am I chopped liver?! I sent a picture. Other than being left out, I loved this post and seeing everyone.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ha! Ande, you must be! When I was writing captions and spacing pictures I must have accidentally deleted it. It's fixed now!